Thursday, June 5, 2014

Life...Inside the Nest

June 5, 2014

While digging the flower bed around the stump of my willow tree I notice when I retrieved some of the dirt from my holly bush bed the robins carried on at my presence there. That means only one thing.  Nest.

So I peeked into my struggling holly bush and sure enough I saw the remnants of nest building.  I wanted to tend to the few things in my garden that didn't make it through the winter; holly bushes, butterfly bushes, lavender, hydrangea and roses...but with a nest in the holly and next to the butterfly will need to wait.

Robins are quite vicious when it comes to their eggs and me.  :)

We had soaking rains last night so I walked the garden this morning checking on the seedlings or I should say those things the rabbits left me....and of course my curiosity got the better of me so I had to peek once more.

The holly is wet and prickly and I could see a few spider webs in it as well....YUCK....but at the mere movement of my camera in through the leaves, the sleeping young perked up with shut eyes and open mouths and I got the shot.

I have a few weeks yet before the arborist comes and we decide if the now brown leaf holly bushes will be saved and trimmed or scrapped.  That should give my newest little seedlings a chance to get bigger and wander my yard with the other newbies.


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