Saturday, June 14, 2014

Victoria's Secret | SAS | Store Purchases

June 14, 2014
While at the mall today, I ran into the Victoria's Secret store to see what they had to offer for their SAS.  I did place two orders online and did receive both.  The one I blogged about with the colored bras and the second came with a nude and black bra.  The fit on those are fantastic so I now have a great selection of new.
This store did have a ton of round tables filled with bins of nicely organized bras and panties and I was greeted at the door by a sales associate who reminded me of the sale...and asked if she could fit me in a new bra today.  I explained I get mine online as the store rarely has my which she asked what size it was while looking at my chest.  I could have been snarky and told her you tell me...because her tone changed with me...but I obliged her....making her look at my chest once more.  Hey, they are what they are...what can I say.
She told me that the beauty products were on sale around the corner and she smiled then and wished me a good day.
So off to the beauty products I went and believe me there were tables upon tables of products from fragrance to cosmetics and accessories.  A Vickies girl could have a field day in there.
I grabbed a few products...and three I already had by mistake....I guess I really like the colors that they called to me.
This first item is a:
VS PRO (light) Concealing eye brightener pen which was on sale for $7.00
This amazing highlighter—indispensable to all of our pros—is like beauty sleep in a pen. Advanced optical diffusers pair with luminous Diamond Powder to lighten and brighten the look of dark shadows while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Instant gorgeous for any close-up.
I grabbed three tubes of  the:
VS color drama lipstick in the shades of:
I had received the shade MELT in a previous order and wanted to try another color but as what happens sometimes I forget the name.  Regularly priced at $14.00 each these were on sale for $7.00 each.
 The next items was this great Pink Glitter Sparkle Palette of Midnight Jewels eye shadow and eyeliner.  Regularly priced at $30.00 this was on sale for $15.00
The next item is:
Sexy Spring Deluxe eye palette in the shades called IMPRESSED.  Regularly priced at $22.50 this was now $11.25.
The nail polish was marked 65% off and since they are normally priced at $10.00 each they are now $3.50 each.
The colors are:
String Bikini
Coral Crush
Flirt Away
And as a free gift for my purchase I was given this 2 oz bottle ($5.00 value) of the new scent coming
Secret Escape- notes are sheer freesia and guava flowers.  Another fruity floral fragrance coming soon.

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