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Bath & Body Works | Smart Soap

May 31, 2014

What has it been, about a year or so since I mentioned the new trademark I found called Smart Soap at Bath and Body Works and not so long ago I mentioned that they were testing these dispensers in some stores.

And yes, some have said they saw these soap dispensers in stores testing but we haven't heard much more about what is this new Smart Soap? Here's what I know:

This is a touch-less Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser. And what we will love about it is that we can have all of our  favorite foaming hand soap scents that Bath and Body Works offer in a new formula that will give us the right amount to get our hands clean.

Personally,  I am hoping for holiday scents too.

The formula is a bit different than the Gentle Foaming Hand Soap that we use now and it's suppose to be a richer foaming formula with silk proteins that will leave our hands softer than ever before and it's specifically designed to be used in the Smart Soap Dispenser.

You run your hands under the nozzle and  it will dispense the perfect amount of hand soap to get your hands clean.

I had one of those in store brand hand soap machines some time ago and the refill bottle was small and while the concept was good, I found the product itself inferior.  I am hoping this is better.

I will be using this in  my kitchen and bathroom and probably my basement sink too. What I like about this concept is I won't need to touch a pump on a bottle with dirty hands from gardening or contaminated hands from handling chicken while cooking.  All I have to do is run my hand under the nozzle and out comes soap.  And I think this will be great for kids too to encourage them to be better hand washers.

The Smart Soap dispenser will only work with Smart Soap refills and the refills are not able to be refilled with the Gentle Foaming Hand soap that we already use but if we want to change out our refills you are suppose to be able to do that without them leaking all over the place.

Tested originally in white only with kitchen lemon scent it is now available  in six colors and the new Hawaiian scents.  Since they released the new colors I expect this to go wide really soon.  I know I am going to get a few for myself and at least one as a gift for my brother for his new house.

I have always been a big fan of Bath and Body Works hand soaps so I can't wait to try this new Smart Soap.

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