Sunday, June 29, 2014

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June 29, 2014

I tell myself... you don't need a thing.... yet I walk past the SAS bins now marked 75% off and the little voice of savings inside my head yells....LOOK AGAIN.

So, being an accommodating kinda gal, I looked. 

I saw a few new things were added here and I wanted to grab a few fragrances for my sister for her birthday coming soon so I took the time to check the bins. 

As I was looking, I got into a conversation about something that I found odd and off putting that happened to me yesterday and I wanted to see if my instincts were true.

I mentioned what was said to me in a different store while shopping yesterday regarding the stores catalog and blog photos.  Apparently, someone thought to seek out who I am....not hard since I hide out where I live...see what stores are possibly around me and decided to give them a call. Talk about freaking creepy right?

And during the first call, they said to that stores manager that there is a blogger on facebook who just published all of Her stores catalog pictures.  Not knowing what to think, this stores sales associates were all questioned regarding the call because it was something unbelievable that those things kept secure would be out and her staff would be the one sharing it.

Timing was everything apparently because I walked in on it in progress.  Talk about sad.

So when I got home I called one of my favorite stores to see if any calls were made and the co said she heard nothing.

I vented a bit on Facebook....mainly because it is mind blowing to think that some one is so full of jealously or hate or whatever that they would do that.  I don't get it.  I am not calling stores saying I don't understand the reasoning behind it. 

I got a lot of  comments on the post and rather than leaving it up stirring things and making people upset, I thanked everyone and deleted it. 

I was disgusted and didn't get the pictures posted from shopping then or Friday so I figured if I went to another store today I would do them all at once.

So as I loaded my bag in store, I was told today that yes there was a call there as well at noon, regarding the same topic....I was told more details I am not going to say now...Just know, I know.

Then the co came in and she mentioned what happened after I talked to her and who she spoke with.

NONSENSE.  Utter nonsense.

I don't want to write about this stuff here. You don't want to read it and I don't want to type it.  Because I certainly don't need the drama lama stuff cluttering up my happiness and I don't need to be sharing it. 

But I am sharing this because I am sending some words of wisdom out into the "I can hide behind my keyboard and screen and do stuff and no one will know it's me" world...  Cut it out.  This will catch up with you.

If you don't like is okay.  A lot more people do.  Better yet, I like myself so that's all that counts.

I told the Manager what she already knew.... none of her workers ever break her trust...and she laughed and said, "we ask you."  And these stores all know me personally...and what kind of a person I am.

So now that's that.

Here are the days SAS purchases:
Todays grouping using that awesome coupon....

  • The scentportables are so cute and would look nice on a summer themed dinner table as a napkin holder or place setting holder.  Be sure to give your guest a refill to go.  They rang up 66 cents each ( $4.50 reg.)
  • The boxed Paris, Rio and London 4 oz candles rang up $1.85 each. They were reg. $12.50 each.
  • The three lotions rang up $$1.63 each ( reg. 11.00)
  • And I needed to add a little something to make the total coupon ready so I added another bee holder.  Reg. priced $5.00 he flew home with me for $1.49.


I paid $7.26 for this $24.50 set. It comes with Lotion, hand soap and two mini Sweet Shop candles.  I am glad I found it as the stores never had it out before.  It was in the 50% off bins.


Saturdays store purchases:
A few new pocketbacs.

 Fridays Store Purchases:

$5.00 4oz candles became $3.00 candles with the coupon and the three wick new cranberry woods rang up $10 and dropped down to $6.00.

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