Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bath & Body Works | SAS | Day Six

June 14, 2014
I stopped in another Bath and Body Works store today to see what this "C" sales level store had.  It was a nice surprise to see a few 75% off  three wick candles priced at $3.57, bins and bins of great products that were just on the shelves a week ago also in 75% off bins, and some lotions from last year also in the 75% off bins....I got my bottle of Moroccan EDP for $7.04. This store had loads of cookie jars, and ceramic luminaries and plenty of candles for $10.00. Just not a great selection of hand soaps.
But still nothing I would classify as a super duper find.  Wouldn't it be great if Bath and Body Works sent the things they normally do to test stores to the other stores during SAS?
I heard it was said in a few groups that there are one or two super duper old finds during this SAS and the few that claimed they did have yet to show any photos from the sale so I am not sure if its true or not.  I did mention it to the manager and sales associate in the store I was in and it was verified what I knew...anything old and priced way cheap would be put in MOS. Marked out of stock.
And the manager and I both laughed when I said, "things like that would never make it to the floor."  She agreed. I asked about a few candle scents I was looking for and she said if she had them she'd buy them.
So that is what I purchased at SAS today.  I grabbed the three party dress three wicks because I have a centerpiece for the holidays with purple glitter pears that they will look nice in, They cost $3.57 each.  The Island Waters three wick cost $7.13 and my Moroccan EDP was $7.04.
The 4oz candles were the scent samplers for wallflowers and scentportables and they were on the half off table.  A few days ago they were $3.00 but I couldn't get to a store.  This store had a bunch of different scents and all were wonderful.. That Cinnamon Tea candle smells great cold and I look forward to giving it a warm sniff. With using my survey, the price for each came down to $3.30 and the mahogany leather was $1.56.  I had to add a pocketbac holder to make up the difference to use the survey and it came down from $4.00 to $1.32.

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