Monday, June 9, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Semi Annual Sale | Day One | Purchases

June 9, 2014

My stores floor set for Semi Annual Sale last night ended up being quite disappointing when I arrived there earlier this evening.  In seeing a friends picture of another store filled with holiday candles on a sale table for 75% off I don't think any store would ever measure up.  I wanted some old sweet shop soaps for $2.50 and they only had the macron and a bunch of others that I really didn't want, so I passed.

I called the store to see if the Sweet Shop $59.50 Cookie Jar was sold yet and I was told it wasn't ...and even though I don't know where I will put it and even though I did say I didn't like it... it is sitting here.  :) I had to add a anti-bac pocketbac to make it the $30.00 and then used a survey on it. 

I grabbed more Home Fragrance Oils since they are leaving the sales floor and they were priced at 50% off....although two of them rang wrong at 25% off.  {pineapple mango}.  I thought everything I picked out would come to $20 plus tax and when it was over I asked the SA but she didn't see the error.  Which reminds me of a great point to make for this first day....Check your register and receipt as things are being rung out.  Computers are not infallible.

For this purchase, I grabbed six oils, two signature wild citrus sunflower signatures and one forever sunshine signature...(to keep as an archive scent), a anti bacterial pump bottle at 50% off, and used a survey for those ten items.


My next purchases were three separate purchases using bounceback coupons and the email coupons from this weekend when my store was considerate enough to honor.  I bought a candle and for my free items I got the Aromatherapy lotions to try and the lotion pump decanter above for free.

After shopping at the store, and taking care of a family obligation, we stopped to finally eat something for the day and I visited a Michaels Craft store in the mall.  I grabbed a few of these photo boxes, on sale this week for $2.00 each to help organize my collection of things.

Semi annual sale is here and you never know what you might need organizing.

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