Wednesday, June 4, 2014

BUTTER London | Good Morning America | Steals and Deals | Review

June 4, 2014


May 23rd I wrote this blog (shown below) sharing the information about the Butter London products I had just purchased from the Good Morning America Steals and Deals Link to the Butter London company.  Yesterday my products arrived and I just wanted to write out a few of my thoughts on these items.

First and foremost I need to pay better attention to the products when I am buying them.  I have purchased from other companies during steals and deals and on one other occasion regarding a too good to be true handbag was and I had nothing but aggravation. Aggravation when the company over sold and then took the payment and never told me I would have to wait 6 months or so for new to be made. Charged my credit card and when nothing arrived in a week, I called and was told the circumstances. Not good.

And usually when the link gets posted, chaos ensues and everyone tries to get theirs and the website crashes.  Which also happened here.  And with all of that going on, I only paid attention to the picture and not so much the writing. Here I thought I was getting lip products and a nail polish.

Not true.

The products arrived after a bit of a wait and I have before me nail polish and eye products.

I am not sure where I am going to be wearing eyeliner and mascara that is pink and green. And not dark pink or dark green...NEON colors.  There are not many 50 year old women walking around anywhere I live wearing those colors.  :)

I understand that this company is founded on the premise of fun and color so that is great...but...I should have paid better attention.

The eye shadows are creamy and offer a opalescence to them and you can blend it down or layer it up.  Which I like.  I have Hazel colored eyes that tend to go gold in color most times unless I wear a green eye shadow and then they turn more greenish.

I did try the green mascara just now and it is dry...very disappointing and it makes me wonder if these sets were put together to clear stock...   It is a dry and crumbly colored green and pink and has a smell to it and on...feels weighty.  I can't wait to clear it off of my eye lashes. I would never buy this again....nor recommend it.

I am not sure what to do with the eyeliner...maybe accent the eye shadow a bit...while using regular black/brown eyeliner as the main focus. 
It's a soft liner pencil in plastic that needs sharpening and by looking at the color stain on my hand where I swatched it, it seems to last.

 The nail polish are fun colors and they will not be wasted. The colors that came in the kits with the eye products are pretty and the three pack are definitely summer colors!


I just checked out this companies return policy and it is not a good one:

If for any reasons you are dissatisfied with your online purchase, we will happily refund or exchange any unopened, unused and unworn items within 30 days of purchase. Unfortunately and without exception, butter LONDON cannot accept returns or exchanges of any opened, used or worn items. Original shipping and handling fees will not be refunded. No cash refunds.

How can you know if your dissatisfied with something if you can't even open it?  I understand that they cannot resell a product that someone used so they chose to not take a loss rather than make sure their customers are happy.

I chose to be happy so these will be the only products I purchase from this company.

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May 23, 2014
Early this morning, during Good Morning America, they did a "steals and deals" show for the holiday weekend and Butter London company offered ten different sets for reduced prices. If your a fan of this company like I am, you know that these products are offered at some great prices.  And if you don't know about this company, now is a great time to try them.  Shipping charges start at $7.00 and for orders over $50.00 it is free.  I grabbed these three kits and when they come I will share my thoughts on them.

The Fab 5 Five-Piece Set (An $86 Value)

Obsessed with the colour pink? Meet your match with our fierce 5-piece set. 

- Pistol Pink Nail Lacquer
- Pistol pink WINK Cream Eye Shadow
- Pistol Pink WINK Mascara
- Pistol Pink WINK Eye Pencil
- Pink Cosmetic Pouch

English Ivy Five-Piece Set (A $86 Value)

Make them green with envy with our 5-piece set of vibrant colour.

- Jaded Jack Nail Lacquer
- Jaded Jack WINK Cream Eye Shadow
- Jaded Jack WINK Mascara
- Jaded Jack WINK Eye Pencil
- Pink Makeup Pouch

Toodle Pip Lacquer Trio (A $55 Value)

Look on the bright side, doll! Steal the spotlight with three electric best-sellers.

- Slapper Nail Lacquer
- Cake-Hole Nail Lacquer
- Pimms Nail Lacquer


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