Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Having it was not enough

June 11, 2014
I was talking with a girl friend tonight telling her about what I had been doing the last few days which was cleaning and organizing my Bath and Body Works items throughout the house.  It started in the attic because I wanted to donate a lot of things I no longer needed and used.  And in the process of rearranging things, I worked my way through my "collection".
Truth be told, it helps to be able to get a good look at all you have this time of year when there are semi annual sales everywhere and you are tempted to buy because you had forgotten what you already own. Yes, I do have most everything photographed but it is still nice to see it.
So often I may grab something on sale and put it anywhere while the rest of the items are located elsewhere.  At holiday time, I am thinking about who I want to gift things to and if one is good then two of something must be better to be sure I have enough. And so grows a collection.
And it's not only one company, of course....we love our Kringle Candles and Yankees.  We notice a scent years ago in a store brand candle that we liked so we buy it....and it too joins the candle cabinet...never to be burned. Then a clearance sale happens and we we aren't without something we like.
I read an article in Dear Abby years ago where the person who wrote Abby was cleaning out her parents home and she came across candles and things that were never enjoyed.  They were placed out and never lit....or kept in the closet as if Having...was enough.  Abby gave the best advice.....and sometimes I forget it..... Burn the candle...use the is too short.
I mentioned to my friend that I was taking pictures throughout my journey thinking I would share everything but I was reminded how closed minded some are.  I say closed minded rather than calling them what they actually are.  Mean.  She told me of an experience she had when she shared the things that made her happy, and I have seen it myself on Face Book.
I understand there are those who just can't help themselves and get a bit jealous at seeing what someone else has and maybe they can't attain that themselves. I was extremely poor too so I can understand the wanting part...just not the mean part. {ps. I'm not rich now either }
And I also understand the difference between an episode of Hoarders where the house is so filthy and everything is stacked up to the rafters when it should be in the garbage---- and a collection of candles and bath products.  There are no body lotions stuck inside the pockets of coats in my closet... ha ha...or travel sized shower gels stuck in my shoes. 
Sure, we all run to the store like Candle Zombies when something new is coming out, because we need it...we want it...we must have it.  C A N D L E S . . . . . zombies run?  On test candle day they do.
So now having a better look at what I have...I will decide what I need and want and then will decide what to do with the rest.
The first thing I did was pull all that was left of my Yankee Jars out of the candle cabinet along with the store brands and the votive candles I was given as gifts. I tend to gravitate to my B&BW's candles more and these others are pushed back waiting to be used.  And some days I want to use oils and other days....melts.
Currently a Febreeze Anjou Pear Limited Edition candle is burning here in my office as I write.  I remember buying these three in Big Lots for $5.00 and when the first one smelled incredible and burned perfectly,  I went and bought the others. And tucked behind closed doors they sat.
Beautiful scent, perfect burn, perfect holder with base....currently being enjoyed by me...because Having it was NOT enough....

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