Wednesday, June 4, 2014

OPI | NEW Coca-Cola | Nail Polish

June 1, 2014

It seemed to take forever to finally launch but beginning June 2nd, the newest line to the OPI brand is launching so I made sure I placed my order for them today.  A few hours later I was notified that the order had shipped and it will arrive Tuesday, June 3rd.

It took until today, June 4th to get here.

I purchased the mini sampler priced at $17.35 first to see if these were going to be colors I loved enough before paying full price for the full size bottles. The sampler comes with ten bottles. Eight are of the new OPI Coca-Cola colors and one is Nail Envy a nail strengthener and the other is OPI top coat. The orange color shown on all of the promotions was not included in this set.

Here are the Color names:
  • Coca-Cola Red : classic red - always in style, always perfect
  • Today I Accomplished Zero - dramatic black with effervescent red sparkle is a total must do.
  • My Signature is "DC" - my initial impression? this shimmery silver is just "write".
  • You’re So Vain-illa - I bet you think this creamy nude is about you
  • Sorry I’m Fizzy Today -do not enjoying this creamy, smooth pink.

  • Get Cherried Away -  seriously, I think this black cherry is over the top gorgeous!
  • Green on the Runway - this uncut lime green makes a real fashion statement.
  • A Grape Affair - make a big to do in the deepest darkest purple.
  • Orange You Fantastic - (not included in my sampler but orange in color glitter)

    My nails are cut short currently, I keep them short for typing and currently with gardening and my hands in dirt constantly they do take some abuse.  When this set arrived today I just had to try each of the colors and they are all so beautiful on.  I'm disappointed that the orange color was not included so I will need to get a full sized bottle of that next.
    The red in this new color is a perfect shade of red on me and one I am not familiar with seeing a red like this before.  The green pearl color reminds me of the Muppets Kermit polish. A bit disappointing but only because they just released something so similar. The pale nude color is okay if you like that color on.  I did one coat on each nail to see what it looked like on my skin tone and it's not a top five fav right now.  The two purples and that black cherry ROCK.  And every one needs a silver in their collection and this one is great.  I would buy full sizes in all of these...except maybe that nude....

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