Sunday, February 1, 2015

A little me update

February 1, 2015
I wanted to do a quick post because a few of my readers were wondering how I was doing since I haven't been posting a lot here daily and they were nice enough to check up on me. 
I am still working on getting over the flu did wear me out some and day by day I feel a bit better.  The doctor told my husband and I it needs to finish running its course and we were informed that Tamiflu is NOT an antibiotic so my complaint that we were suffering for weeks was explained.  My doctor is not like a lot of doctors who just orders antibiotics for everything.  Granted, in this case I would have loved some but I follow his lead ...and suffer it seems.
And for the sweetie who emailed and asked about my broken cute... yes it is still broken, very swollen and very painful.  When I do it, I do it right.
Doctor said time will heal it...although its a month today and I wish it would hurry on up already.
My hubby also did retire from his job and that is keeping me extremely busy.  Trying to figure out everything that entails is not fun, trust me....and life truly changed.  It's great to have him home giving his hard over-worked body a much needed we figure out the next stages of our lives.  Seeing him wander around behind me while wearing jammies as I complete my daily tasks does make me laugh. He finally gets to see all there is to do in a day...and I guess it tuckers him out watching me do it...if his napping is any indication.  
As for my blogging, I am constantly updating some of the scrolling blogs when new comes out online. I am also posting a lot to Face Book and Instagram as time allows so there are times I don't write out a full blog of information and just post a few Face Book updates.  Every morning I check for new and now that I can get to the mall more often I try to post all that I can about my favorite obsession...B&BW.
As we know January new release signature fragrance scents were from the
Brazil Collection: Cool, Lush and Fresh
along with Brazilian Home Fragrance, White Barn Market Home Fragrances, Tiki Beach Home Fragrances and  The White Barn colored glass Home Fragrance Collection...which are still arriving in stores.
The Lilac Blossom purple glass candle arrived online today so the last few still to come should be hitting all stores soon.
Then in a few days....February 9th, we will see the next release of a signature fragrances-
Love and Sunshine
It will have the Happy Home, Home Fragrance collection to go along with it as well as the Sunshine is Delicious Hand Soap and Sanitizer Collection. 
*Happy Home, Home Fragrance Collection
Fresh Spring Blue Skies (fresh citrus,, blue waters, blue moss)
Happy Sunshine and Green Daisies (daisy petals, jasmine, dewy greens)
Home Sweet Caramel Comfort (juicy pear, warm caramel, vanilla)
Love Hearts and Flowers (pink peonies, sparkling orange, blueberries)
Relax Lavender Linens (wild lavender, rosemary, warm Tonka)
Smile Pink Lemonade Punch (sugared pomegranate, sparkling lemons, tart raspberries)
Sunshine Bright Verbena Blossoms (verbena blossoms, lavender, lily of te valley)
*Sunshine is Delicious
Blue Skies and Blooms (wild daisies, daffodils, lychee)
Pink Peonies and Pears (Anjou pears, peony petals, pink sugar)
Spring Poppies and Picnics (strawberries, wild poppies, spring nectar)
Springtime and Clementines (clementine, blood orange, peach blossoms)
Sunshine and Lemons (lemon, freesia, juicy nectarine)
White Lily and Lime (garden air, spring lilies, citrus)
My store had all but the Blue Skies and Blooms hand soap in stock now...of course the one I really I passed on getting any of the soaps yet.  They are also all online now. And if you follow me on Facebook you will see my hauls from the store when I get them.
This floor set is going to be bright and cheerful and yellow...perfect for raising up my winter blues spirits.  Winter storm Linus is currently dumping a lot of the white stuff as I type. Winter Storm Juno was a few days ago.
So there will be a lot of new out in stores in the next week or so...

And then in March around the 9th, we will see the new
 Hawaiian Five Collection
of Signature Fragrances out. And yes, three of them are returning favorites from last year and we will see two more added to that lineup.
Hawaiian Signature Fragrance Collection
Hawaii Passion Fruit Kiss (Kona Mountain Passion fruit, luscious Kiwi, and Hawaiian Red Pineapple)
Kauai Lei Flower (Sun Kissed Plumeria, Vanilla Orchid, Coconut Milk)
Maui Mango Surf (Ruby Mango, Guava Nectar, Coral Hibiscus)
Oahu Coconut Sunset (Coconut Blossom, Hawaiian Monoi, Molten Amber)
Waikiki Beach Coconut (Beach Coconut, Salt water Breeze, and Sun Bleached Woods)
And there will be Home Fragrance products:

*Hawaiian Home Fragrance Collection:
Big Island Bamboo (fresh water, bamboo, driftwood)
Guava Colada (pink guava, peaches, coconut husk)
Hawaiian Hibiscus (pink grapefruit, mango, hibiscus flowers)
Honolulu Sun (coconut milk, pineapple, warm sun)
Oahu Coconut Sunset (tropical fruits, coconut, gardenia)
Pineapple Palm Grass (juicy pineapple, sweet oranges, green grass)
Sweet Maui Mango (fresh mango, mandarin, pink dragonfruit)
White Sand Beaches (fresh blue water, sprigs of lavender, soft woods)
a well as Hand Soaps and Sanitizers
*Hawaii Hand Soap and Sanitizers Collection:
Hawaiian Pink Hibiscus (hibiscus petals, pink guava)
Honolulu Sun (fresh island coconut, pacific palm)
Island White Pineapple (white pineapple, sparkling melon)
Lush Bamboo Waterfall (lush bamboo, island mist)
Maui Mango Mai Tai (sweet mango, juicy blood orange)
Papaya Sunset (sun kissed papaya, warm jasmine)
Yesterday I posted some pictures and more information on some new I saw.  When these things are actually coming to stores...I have no idea.  My purpose of posting is to let everyone know what to watch out for and to build excitement for things more than a month away.
We are going to see our first Valentine Tote bag Purchase with Purchase. Personally, I think it could have been done up a bit more feminine and pretty.  I'm a girl who loves cute-sie and girly...Remember years ago they had those vinyl like event bags....something like that would have been cute.  My all time favorite is the Pink Chiffon bag that had matching cosmetic bags with heart zipper pulls.  And while I do like the Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance...not everyone does.  So putting it in the tote only makes its harder on sales associates who have to deal with customers exchanging them out.  Maybe it would be easier to let the customer pick out a 3 piece ritual in HER favorite scent.
And there will also be a Hawaiian Aloha Bucket of 9 products coming.  Again when, I am not sure. Just keep your eyes open in your stores...and if I hear, I will be sure to let it be known.
So let me thank all of you once again, for being so kind to send me messages checking up on me and for stopping by my blog and social media places. Your the best!!!
Hugs- until next time we speak...

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