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Life Inside the Page Blog Sale Marketplace (updated 2.24.15)


I am a long time Bath and Body Works fan with a huge collection of body care products as well as Home Fragrance items.

I know now, there is no way that I can go through my existing collection of candles and body care with so much new coming out all of the time so I am going to clear out a lot of everything that I really don't expect to get to. I may only have one of each item available so if you really want a certain something, do not hesitate. I am trying to keep the pricing fair and not loose too much money.

How to reach me:
I am available through email with any questions so feel free to contact me.  Please be patient if you don't hear back from me right away.  I may be away from the computer or I may be helping another customer. 

Be sure to email me at tessie_f@yahoo.com with your choices...and your zip code when you decide what your interested in.

Condition of items:
All items are new unless otherwise noted. These are all stored in clean plastic containers in my closet...of a smoke free, pet free home...right from the store bags.


All shipping is to be paid by the buyer

I will let you know what your charges will be at the time of purchase. So I hope your interest is serious...lately I have been subjected to those who are not.

I ship US mail Priority Mail Shipping only  that comes with some insurance (up to $50.00) and tracking. Even if it is a light weight item. Depending on where you live, you can fill a box for a moderate amount of shipping.

I cannot help shipping costs being what they are but I will try to ship the most cost effective way for my buyers. There are numerous forms of Priority mail available from regular Priority to Regional.  I ship it the cheapest. And Regular Priority mail is NOT always the cheapest. Here are some the boxes that are flat rate so you can get an idea of size.

Priority mail gets these items to you fast and for glass and breakables, fast is better.


I try to price the items at a fair rate to move them....and yes, the larger, collectible items are not "yard sale" priced.  A lot of people have asked me to list those things in my collection that I am willing to part with now to complete what they may be missing.  And most of them have never been used and/or the secondary market pricing is much more than I am asking.  If you want the item, I appreciate the sale.  If you think it's too high priced...I understand that too. 


You will find currently on this Market Sale:
3 wick candles
Ceramic Home Décor
Body Care
Hand Soap
Metal Sleeves

I try to update daily adding things to all of the categories so visit it often to get the newest first.

Thank you so much for taking the time to see what I have and bigger thanks to all of those who have purchased from me numerous times!  It is helpful beyond words.

Let's begin:
New Hawaii Hand Soap Collection: $24.00

New Hawaii Wallflowers: $8.50 each
Nautilus or Palm Trees

LOT 1--31 pocketbacs $35.00

Lot 2----31 pocketbacs $40.00


LOT 3 --- 31 pocketbacs $35.00


LOT 4 --- 36 pocketbacs $40.00


LOT 5 -----  29 pocketbacs  $36.00

For today's new body care, there may be matching forms below:

(2) available 16oz. pumpkin pecan waffles 2-in-1 creamy body wash/bubble bath
$12.50 each

8oz. golden sugar scrub JCB (still sealed) $8.00

(2) available Paris Amour creamy body wash 8oz each.
$5.00 each

Paris Amour creamy body wash 8oz. $5.00

Japanese Cherry Blossom creamy body wash 8oz.

Twilight Woods triple moisture shower cream 8 oz.

Pomegranate Citrus super charged body scrub 9.5oz

Rome Honeysuckle Amore super fruit
2in1 body scrub and wash 8oz $6.00

Country Chic supercharged body scrub
9.5oz $5.00

Malibu Heat superfruit 2 in 1 body scrub and wash
8oz  $5.00

Velvet Sugar TMC 8 oz. 

Amber Blush TMC 8 oz. $5.00

Forever Midnight Body Cream 8oz. $5.00

Pink Chiffon  TMC8oz. $5.00

Paris Amour TMC 8 oz. $5.00

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin TMC 8oz. $5.00

(2) available Frosted Wonderland ULTRA SHEA
body cream 8oz. $7.00 each

Wild Madagascar Vanilla ULTRA SHEA
body cream 8oz $6.00

Velvet Sugar Shimmer
Bomb 6oz (3) available  $6.00 each

Velvet Sugar whipped shimmer body cream
5.3oz each (2) available $8.00each

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Whipped Shimmer
Body Cream 5.3oz  $6.00

Twisted Peppermint whipped shimmer
body cream 5.3oz  $6.00

Bronze Shimmer Body Mousse- capri seaside citrus
  3.5oz each                                  rome honeysuckle amore

Shimmer Fizz Body Mousse - London tulips raspberry tea

$5.00 each

peach and honey almond shea butter
milled soap bar 5.5oz $5.00

dated, 2010 Slatkin smiling snowman 3 wick luminary

metal, 3 wick candle holder $12.50


dated, 2009 Slatkin ceramic cookie jar Polar bear

dated 2009, Slatkin rare ceramic
Reindeer cookie Jar $39.50

dated, 2009 set of two Slatkin snowman with red scarf
were sold on qvc.  candles were used out of them but
you can still use them to burn mini candles in or just
as a decoration.   $39.99 (they are not thin, they are weighty)

Dated, 2011 Slatkin gingerbread round luminary for 3 wick
candles  $ 30.00

dated, 2011, slatkin round snowman 3 wick candle
luminary $30.00

new, not used, Large snowman luminary with silver sled for
3 wick candles complete with original box $49.50

new not used, Large snowman luminary with red scarf for 3 wick candles
$44.50 complete with original box

new, not used,  Large 3 wick candle jar holder Amber color
Mason $29.50

Brand new- Large Cream colored ceramic pumpkin filled with a 3 wick wax Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. Beautiful piece  $49.50

Cream colored ceramic turkey $29.00 holds a 3 wick jar candle
not included

comes in its original Styrofoam and box. was never used.

ceramic snowman hand soap (sold empty) dispenser for
gentle foaming hand soap...not included... will hold 8.75oz
of soap $12.50

ceramic canning jar hand soap (sold empty) dispenser for
deep cleansing hand soap...not included will hold 16oz of soap

3 wick pedestal snowman candle holders
(2) available $20.00 each

Mini candle snowman candle pedestal holder
(3) available $15.00 each

silver Lucky Duck - ask any question
 then turn it over for the answer $5.00

cork holder $8.50

green scarf snowmen (3) available $16.50 each
(holds mini candle)

black hat snowman $14.50

(2) available red scarf snowman oil warmers $15.00 each

(3) available blue scarf snowmen mini candle holder
$16.50 each

(2 available) dated, 2010 Slatkin silver scarf snowman mini
candle holder $15.00 each

smiling snowman mini candle burner $10.00

smiling snowman oil warmer $12.50

dated, 2009 Slatkin reindeer oil warmer $18.00

2009 Pair of Slatkin  green collared reindeer with candles inside. One
partially burned the other new. $16.50 each

(2) available mini candle holder red metallic scarf
snowman $13.00 each (one has small spot on rim
of hat of missed glaze)

(2) available dated 2010 slatkin candle snowmen red metallic scarf 
$15.00 each

 more to come---
$15.00 palm beach cooler
 $15.00 Oceanside
$15.00 sweet cinnamon pumpkin
$15.00 farm stand apple
$15.00 pumpkin caramel latte
$15.00 pumpkin caramel latte
$15.00 sweet cinnamon pumpkin
$15.00 pumpkin hayride
$10.00 hot buttered rum
$20.00 creamy nutmeg
$15.00 beachside
$15.00 pineapple mango
$10.00 frosted cupcake
$10.00 winter
$10.00 fresh balsam
$10.00 fresh bamboo
 $10.00 homemade cookies
$25.00 vanilla shortbread
$10.00 eucalyptus mint
$10.00 homemade cookies
$10.00 pineapple mango

$10.00 market peach
 $10.00 strawberry

$15.00 white barn chestnut and clove
$15.00 white barn renew and refresh
$15.00 garden freesia
$18.00 southern magnolia
$15.00 pineapple orchid
$10.00 spice
$20.00 mothers day pink petals
$20.00 love mom bright bouquet mothers day
$15.00 white barn christmas
$15.00 winter candy apple
$15.00 winter candy apple
$10.00 honeysuckle
Here are some Home Accessories
*Sweet Shop Cookie Jar
Brand new, never used, still in box
*Sweet Shop Honeydew hand lotion and hand soap set with watermelon lemonade mini candles
*Set of two mini Holiday Hand deep cleansing soaps
reindeer and polar bear $8.00 for set
* Fresh Picked lot of 9 hand soaps
*Fresh Picked Lot of 5 Hand Soaps
not used, purchased at store like this
*Fresh Picked lot of 6  hand soap (sun motif)
*Holiday lot of 5 hand soaps
$15.00 (moisturizing and foamy were sold)
*Hawaii Hand Soap lot of  6
* Holiday Cheer Hand Soap lot of 5
*Italian Collection Hand Soap lot of 5
*Fall Lot of 10 Hand Soaps
(round label)
*Holiday made with Love Hand Soaps
lot of 5
Now for some Body Care
I have a lot more body care to be added daily
 wild citrus sunflower lotion $4.00
wild citrus sunflower shower gel $5.00
brown sugar and fig lotion $4.00
sweet cinnamon and pumpkin lotion $5.00
sweet cinnamon  pumpkin shower gel $5.00
sweet cinnamon pumpkin ffm $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
 honeycrisp apple and buttered rum lotion  $5.00
 sweet cinnamon pumpkin lotion $5.00
endless weekend lotion $5.00
endless weekend shower gel $5.00
Endless Weekend FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
endless weekend diamond shimmer mist $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
 London tulips and raspberry tea lotion $5.00
London tulips FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
Morocco orchid and pink amber lotion $5.00
Moroccan orchid FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
toyko lotus FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
sugar plum dream shower gel $5.00
sugar plum dream FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
Frosted wonderland lotion $5.00
frosted wonderland shower gel $5.00
vanilla bean noel lotion $5.00
vanilla bean noel FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
vanilla bean noel FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
winter candy apple lotion $5.00
winter candy apple shower gel $5.00
winter candy apple FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
winter candy apple FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
twisted peppermint lotion $4.00
twisted peppermint lotion $4.00
twisted peppermint shower gel $5.00
twisted peppermint FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
twisted peppermint FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
a thousand wishes lotion $5.00
a thousand wishes FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
Japanese cherry blossom lotion $4.00
flawless gold lot of three items shown $15.00 for three
Rome Honeysuckle Amore lotion $4.00
rome honeysuckle amore shower gel $5.00
capri seaside citrus lotion $4.00
capri seaside citrus shower gel $5.00
white citrus lotion $4.00
white citrus FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
amber blush shower gel $5.00
amber blush shimmer mist $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
beautiful day body lotion $4.00
beautiful day shower gel $5.00
beautiful day FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
be enchanted FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
twilight woods FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
cashmere glow FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
pure paradise FFM $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
mad about you diamond shimmer mist $7.00 Valentines Day $5.00
cool coconut surf shower gel $5.00
B&BW gingham plaid square cosmetic organizer bag  $15.00
B&BW set of three half round cosmetic bags $20.00
Comfort cream colored with pom pom socks $12.50
snowflake oil warmer (oil and candles not included) $9.50
snowman and trees hand soap sleeve (older bottle style) $5.00
trees and snowflakes candle sleeves: 2 for 3 wick size $7.50 each and 1 for 4 oz or mason size $5.00
mini candle holder house, snowflake and trees $12.50
holiday traditions 3 wick candle sleeve $8.50
sparkle snowflake 3 wick candle sleeve $10.50 each (2) available
snowflake 3 wick candle sleeves 2 available $5.00 each
3 wick candle sleeve snowflake pedestal $7.50
mini snowflake candle sleeves set of 4 ($12.00 for the set)
Snowflake 3 mini candle holder sleeve $6.50
brushed cutout snowflake 3 wick sleeve $5.00
snowflake champagne cheers 3 wick sleeve $10.50
skiing snowman 3 wick candle sleeve $8.50
windblown snowman 3 wick candle sleeve  $8.50
snowman and reindeer 3 wick candle sleeve pedestal $10.50
mini candle sleeve pedestal snowman $5.50
This snowman with red scarf is a lot of 3 items: (cost me $17.50)  Priced: $10.00 set
(1) 3 wick size with scratches from store shelf only on one side above
(1) 3 wick size with tiny scratch on one side
(1) mini candle sleeve with a few minor scratches.  all from store that went unnoticed by me but still very nice to use.
mini candle holder bronze trees $12.50 (2) available
3 wick candle holders bronze trees $8.50 (2) available
new hand soap sleeve $7.50
openwork pumpkins hand soap sleeves (dc and gf versions) $7.50 each
copper 3 wick candle sleeves tree $6.50
copper pumpkin 3 wick candle sleeve $8.50
hand soap half sleeve trees $9.50
hand soap half sleeve with acorns $8.50
acorn metal oil warmer (oil and candles not included $7.50
hand soap sleeves weave $5.50 each (2 gentle foaming 1 deep cleansing available)
silver trees hand soap sleeves in both deep cleansing and gentle foaming size  $5.50 each  (4) available as shown)
3 available pierced trees 3 wick candle sleeves $5.00 each
leaves mini candle sleeve holder holds 3 mini candles $5.50
2 nickel tone 1 goldish tone taller 3 wick candle sleeves leaves $8.50 each
leaves candle sleeve for 4oz candles or mason jars, $4.00
copperish leaves taller 3 wick candle sleeve $8.50
Halloween sleeve 3 wick candles $20.00 (only one I have)
black web with silver spider hand soap sleeve for older version soap $10.00
3 wick candle sleeve (2 available) sun $6.50 each
flower half sleeve for hand soap $7.50
goldtone 3 wick candle sleeve leaves $5.00
Most of these new items are WITHOUT refills attached. You can see in the picture which do. Those that were sold in store without a refill will NOT come with one.
pink crab (2) available $4.00 each
1- orange crab with seaside escape refill $5.00
1- turtle with refill Caribbean escape $5.00
1- scuba diving bird $4.00
1- blue bird with refill fresh linen $5.00
1 brown monkey, refill removed and sold without $4.00
1-orchid colored monkey with sunglasses $5.00
1-ladybug with smaller spots and refill carribean escape $6.00
2- available red ladybug with summer orchard refills RARE only came attached to a Japanese
cherry travel basket  $7.00 each
1- pink elephant $4.00
1-red glitter hearts $5.00
1- bees and honeycomb $4.00
1- owl on a branch $4.00
2- available turkeys $4.00 each
4- available brown squirrels (only one has sleeve) $4.00 each
1-pink squirrel $4.00
1- green owl $4.00
1-gold owl $4.00
1-raccoon $4.00
1-girl snowman on sled $5.00
2- available boy snowmen on sled $5.00 each
2- available snowman green scarf $4.00 each
1- pink girl snowman with refill frosted cranberry $5.00
1- bird with sled $4.00
1- reindeer with green bells boy $4.00
1- reindeer with red  bells boy $4.00
2- available car freshener rubber snowglobes $6.00 each
1- bird reindeer purple $4.00
1- bird with pink bow and refill carribean escape $5.00
1- pink bird with earmuffs  tis the season refill $5.00
1- yellow bird with pink bow and refill vanilla coconut $5.00
1- penguin red ear muffs and refill twisted peppermint $5.00
1- penguin green ear muffs velvet $4.00
2- available penguin red velvety scarf $5.00 each
1-panda $4.00
2- available penguins with red bow $4.00 each
1- penguin in martini glass $4.00
1-ornament $4.00
1- ornament $4.00
 1- ornament $4.00

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