Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Candles | Screen Doors and Sweet Tea: White Barn Exclusive

February 25, 2015
In the beginning of the year I posted a detailed list of the new scents and notes coming out in both Body Care and Home Fragrance. We see on this list a large selection of the Home Fragrances were listed as White Barn Exclusives, which makes me think we will NOT be seeing these scents launch nationwide in all Bath and Body Works stores.  Fortunately, there are B&BW test stores that have been launching these "exclusives" and because of that we can get a peek at what they will look like because of Ebay sellers like makingsunshinehappen, who recently posted these photos.  Thanks to them for offering these new candles on the secondary market so some may enjoy these "redo" candle scents. And Poo Poo on the B for excluding the rest of us.
*Screen Doors and Sweet Tea:
 White Barn Exclusive*
Beautiful Day ( crisp apples, watery greens, hyacinth)
Bowties and Bourbon (fresh bergamot, vanilla, dark oak)
Georgia Peach (juicy peaches, bergamot, apricots)
Honeysuckle (honeysuckle, red apples, blonde woods)
Lilac Blossom (fresh lilac, crisp greens, warm musk)
Praline Pecan Cobbler (pecans, cinnamon sugar, warm caramel)
Southern Sweet Tea ( sugar cubes, lemon twist, brewed tea)
Sundress (sparkling bergamot, apples, cedarwood)
Veranda Garden (lush greens, fresh citrus, cedarwood)
Watermelon Lemonade ( watermelon nectar, sugared lemonade, raspberry garnish)

Photo credit makingsunshinehappen on ebay

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