Monday, February 9, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Love and Sunshine | Floor Set | February 9th, 2015

February 9, 2015
Mother Nature must have something against  Mondays it seems because every time there is a floor set at Bath and Body Works on a Monday this time of year we get hit with either ice or snow.  Overnight it was ice. And plenty of it.
But  I made my way to the post office carrying my dozen boxes while trying to stay upright on the glass-like sidewalk (all while having vertigo for the past 5 days) and then headed to the mall to get a look at the new  #prettyinyellow  Love & Sunshine Signature Fragrance release.  I was glad to see they were open and not on a noon opening delay.
And yes, I know it's just more tables of lotions and potions and candles...but I loved the way it looked now with the Brazil Collection moved to the back.

Up front and centered in the stores doorway was the A frame display filled with Love and Sunshine ...right where it belonged!  And the candles from the Happy Home collection were off to the left with the new packaging online exclusive signatures that were brought back for a time... directly behind. I will give them all a sniff on my next trip.
Bright, warm, and welcoming YELLOW displays and tables pulled you into try the newest scent. 
And I was a willing participant. What else would I be doing on an icy Monday?
How can you not smile seeing the little yellow flower hearts?
Loving these colors on a cold, winters day.
This shimmer mist looks so pretty and sparkly.
This store didn't have all of the merchandise in yet so I didn't get the cosmetic bags of this trip...but tomorrow, is another shopping day.

The Valentine tote wasn't available today as it was suggested it would be, but I found tons of other things to fill my bag and I didn't miss it.  That is the thing about me...I will buy what I love...when I want it ---so grab my attention when I am willing to pay.  Change up the offers { for what reasons I don't know}  and I will pass.
The new wallflowers were in two locations in the store and I grabbed ANOTHER rabbit...and the new sunflower.  I added some pocketbac holders to those two purchases to use up some free FFM coupons I had that were expiring.
Sorry this one is so blurry, its a nice translucent like color, not as opaque as the white one shown below.

Happy Home Candle Collection

The new domed pedestal in 3 wick and mini sizes {$29.50 and $19.50}

The new candle LOVE was on sale today for $10.00.  I grabbed three.  You can never have enough love, right?  I wonder how many will be bought today...then returned/exchanged for other scents for that price...
I did get four of the Ultra Creams in the new scent...

  And the new yellow puffy...along with the travel size collection.


These new Hawaiian cooling gel lotions were on the counter priced at $5.00 each so I grabbed one of each.  Last years cooling gel lotion was a bit sticky going on when I tried it in store...and I did buy one then but never used it and it sat in my cabinet until recently when I got rid of it. Fingers crossed.
Honolulu Sun Hand Soap came online today and in store but I passed for now.  The store didn't have the lip balm or hand cream in yet.

I grabbed my love matches...$3.50 each.

More new scentportables. 

And the new purple glass Lilac Blossom mason jar candles were out and sale priced 2/$20 so I grabbed them.  I know that's not a great sale on mason jars but I really wanted this pretty jar.

My next visit I will explore the candle scents of the Happy Home Collection more....more for myself as they have been out and talked about over and over again for a while now on social media by those whose stores had them.  I never try to be an expert on candle scents as I feel we all perceive scent we will buy what we like....even when these scents are done over and over again.
I am the get you the information early kind of "reviewer".  ;)

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