Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Follow Your Heart Tote

February 13, 2015
After a trip out of town today for an
Italian Food filled Valentine's dinner day early to beat the wicked winter weather we are about to experience tomorrow... I stopped in a Bath and Body Works store to see if there was anything else new for this floor set that my store and the other stores I have visited previously didn't have.
The only thing new was the "Follow Your Heart" canvas tote {purchase with purchase} priced at $15.00 with any $30.00 purchase.  And it wasn't that I needed it...nor did I need more of the Japanese Cherry Blossom ritual inside...but I reached out and grabbed one of the last few this store had and began to wander and check out the store.  I pretty much had all I wanted with the exception of the mini candle domed pedestal so I was considering putting the tote back. 
 My husband asked me why I would and I was explaining how I really didn't care for the scent choice that was in it when a SA came over and told me I could change it if I wanted to  She said they sold a bunch of them all day as is but one customer didn't care for the scent and asked if she could change it so honoring the 100% happiness guarantee, they gladly did for her and would for me.  She asked if I wanted to try the new scent and changed them.
At the register there was this cute heart cosmetic bag set so that let me have enough to get the tote.
What I will do with the tote?  I have no idea.  I never do.  I have a sister who loves them and usually ends up with them filled with bubble treasures from me as gifts.  Or I will keep it in the car.
I'm not sure how many days the store will have these totes...but it was also available online if you cant make it in to a store....and don't you think it was silly to stop the $10.00 Love candle sale well before Valentine's Day? 
I think they should have had some cute pedestals with the candle  on top bagged up and bowed for those quick "Hey I need a gift for my wife or girlfriend" pre Valentines Day gift buying.  They had them for Christmas...why not All Hearts Day....and um, B&BW....let's have us some Bunny Candles too....for Spring.....and ROSE scented...true rose scented Mothers Day candles. 
The Hallmark store today, made me giggle seeing the card aisle filled....filled with only men looking for a card...Today.
Ah, last minute I remembered shopping...



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