Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bath & Body Works | A look into a few things B

February 19, 2015
Most days I sit at the keys and I can type and type and express what I want to share easily.  I have the information and it's clear and I move on.
Sometimes I get information and it perplexes me. But all I can do is write out what I see as fact...and worry about it later.  That I how I feel now about the Candle Collections.  I can see in black in white what is called for in all stores and what is now being touted as White Barn Exclusive to me that is, law.  Yet I am confused after seeing more today.
But I will get back to that.
❥The store employees are fortunate enough to get to try out the new Hawaiian Scents coming in March and I had to share this cuteness. At first I thought the little bottles were try me's for customers.... drats.  I know we had Hawaii last year but I can't wait to see this floor set too and smell the different forms of the two new scents.


❥The next item of super new is regarding the mini fine fragrance mist.  We saw this size come out when Wild Madagascar Vanilla launched and since it was so popular...(I loved that size too) they are now being tested and they are going to bring other signature scents out in this size NEXT YEAR.  We can't go running to our favorite stores for these yet but I will post a reminder when they are ready. Travel sized products are easier to carry and these metal spray tips beat out the plastic ones for less mess.
❥Brazil Candles.  There may be some stores testing just how much we all the dust covers versus the lids.  Yes, yes I know...a big freak out is upon us and everyone has stated their case in wanting LIDS...but anyway...the company still is testing the thought of no lids and you may see in SOME stores, not all...the Brazil candles with lids disappear and Brazil candles with dust covers appear.  Hey,  I can't make this stuff up.... ha ha...plan your purchases accordingly.  I have no interest in those currently so it makes no difference to me.
❥Wallflowers.  There is a sunflower night light plug addition to the sunflower we have currently that does not light up.
Also these other Wallflower Plugs that are so pretty: 
Painted Ceramic Topper
Ceramic Tile Topper
Sculpted Ceramic Fish
❥That ceramic pedestals will be replace with that Tortoise Lantern and the pewter sleeve will be replaces with that metal wire hurricane candle holder.
❥The Hawaiian Candle display is pretty as well with the mix of the hombre candle jars and the clear labeled jars.  There are a few of those I want.
❥There are these various sized lanterns coming...possibly in all stores...

Screen Doors and Sweet Tea: White Barn Exclusive
Beautiful Day ( crisp apples, watery greens, hyacinth)--lt green wax/pink label
Bowties and Bourbon (fresh bergamot, vanilla, dark oak)--dk blue wax/blue label
Georgia Peach (juicy peaches, bergamot, apricots)--peach wax/peach label
Honeysuckle (honeysuckle, red apples, blonde woods)--lt cream/green label
Lilac Blossom (fresh lilac, crisp greens, warm musk) --white wax/blue label
Praline Pecan Cobbler (pecans, cinnamon sugar, warm caramel) light color wax/red label
Southern Sweet Tea ( sugar cubes, lemon twist, brewed tea)--lt tea color wax/white label
Sundress (sparkling bergamot, apples, cedarwood)--lt blue wax/yellow or cream label
Veranda Garden (lush greens, fresh citrus, cedarwood)--lt green wax/pink label
Watermelon Lemonade ( watermelon nectar, sugared lemonade, raspberry garnish)--watermelon color wax/blue label
Now, will this collection and the other collections marked as White Barn exclusives come to all Bath and Body Works stores as well, not just those who test?  I have no idea.
I am very confused as to why it was put in SA guides but stated as Exclusives...and yet there are floor sets.
Anywho, that is my look into a few things B....

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