Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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February 17, 2015
Winter Storm Neptune finished dumping more of the white stuff on us yesterday and Winter Storm Octavia is now sharing some bitter cold temperatures and winter weather down south. After shoveling (and again hurting my back), I braved the extreme cold (-9) to get some groceries yesterday and to stop in the mall to what, if anything, was new.
There wasn't too much new except for the other two aloe gel lotions they didn't have out on Monday for the upcoming Hawaii line so I did grab those to try.  I also grabbed the Honolulu Sun hand cream and 5 of the Wallflower bulbs that were on sale for $3.00.

March 9th the Hawaiian floor set happens and it seems that some of the stores have already begun setting things out.  I did see the new three wick hombre candles as well as the clear label candles on Ebay and I did like the look of the Hombre candles....not so much the others.  I would have thought that these would have been out closer to summer time...so now I am more curious about what the candles will be then.
Floating all over social media currently are the photos of what is speculated to be this summers new signature scent Seaside Escape.
Personally, I am not sure about this yet.  Photos like this are familiar to me and I know the source of where they come.  And while these are pretty and very summer like...I find it odd that the two tubes are both marked TMC when we are now using Ultra Shea Body Creams...and there are two tubes.  So until I see them for myself at that source...I will remain skeptical.  I remember the Sparkling Blackberry nonsense of years gone by when an interpretation was created and then toted as the new bounce back.  And it wasn't.
I will focus on the now and all of the information I shared earlier and what I know about Hawaii,  and not worry so much about May and June.  It is only February. :)
Speaking of...today there is a $12.00 3 wick candle sale happening....which is good or bad depending on your take of the candle world. I did look at what was available online to see if there are any I am interested in and I am not sure there are. 
Our stores here don't yet have the Hawaiian candles so they can wait. And my wanting those is not for a favorite of wax.  Like I told the SA in the store I was shopping at...pop it in the freezer for a bit and out it comes...and I can put any scent I like in the jar.  I think they will look pretty for summertime outdoor use.  With wax inside or a battery operated candle.
Plus, I have that $10 candle coupon that was inside the Valentine tote bag. And I can't use a survey with that but its fine if I need....haha, need a candle that is not on sale.
Keep in mind too, that March 3rd, possibly, we will see the Aloha Bucket purchase with purchase in Bath and Body Works.
Today, online, a few new things popped up.
The yellow (inside) metal leaves hand soap holder is part of the Love And Sunshine set so it's nice to see it available finally.  Oh, and I heard that one of the stores I shop at will not be getting the Happy Home candles in the mini mason jars that are just coming out.  I will have to travel a few hours to see if the others will get them.  I think it is silly though to have things like this for Some stores and not all.  Secondary market riches....

This little Gecko is a new ADORABLE pocketbac....omg so cute.

And some scentportables also arrived.  Over the next week or so more new should arrive online so as I see it, I will add it to my scrolling posts above that keep each new set updated so we don't miss out on finding something in the stores.


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