Monday, February 23, 2015

Victoria's Secret | Purchase with Fanny Pack - Sunglasses

February 23, 2015
I visited the mall today and after visiting my favorite store, I headed up to Victoria's Secret to see if they had any sales currently in store.  I did two online orders and already received one, but I was thinking ahead for my niece and sister for Mother's Day gifts.
The store did have the fanny pack/sunglass freebie with any PINK purchase so I checked out the panties for this gift.
They were priced 5 for $27 so I grabbed ten pairs and headed to the registers.  This store has a young guy behind the registers and when I asked him for a gift receipt for each, he set up two boxes to wrap the items for me.  He saw I was using my angel card and made sure to toss a secret rewards in each along with other coupons.  Of course one of the coupons is for panties 7 for $27 starting tomorrow. 
He finished off each box with plenty of tissue and topped it with the gift receipt.  He put each in a Vickie's bag and slid it over to me telling me they are going to love it.
I know they do, they just can't afford to go in there themselves so this is a fun gift for them. I do have the Water Bottle with PINK on it that came with the little doggie that will also be added as a gift.  I did buy it for Christmas but with all of the packages and shopping bags, they ended up the attic and just found now...which is perfect for a summer kind of gift.
I did read on social media a lot of negative comments regarding the fanny pack...yes, people even complain about a FREE gift....but I look at it as a small enough zippered holder to put anything in.  You don't need to clip it on around your can sling it over your shoulder...and even put a wet or dry swimsuit in it and keep it tucked under your seat.
I appreciate the free things and it makes gifting even that more fun.
I also saw these cute phone cases on the PINK table (pic is blurry as the store clerk was not favoring my camera phone). .  The surf board is sooo big but still cute...  But for dropsy girl, I need a lifeproof case.  It's too bad because I know I could so rock that watermelon. ;)


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