Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stella & Dot | Havana Convertible Pendant

February 5, 2015
When I watched the latest episode of Undercover Boss recently I found myself drawn into finding out more about the Stella & Dot company and their products.
Having worked in factories I do know how hard the job of picking orders and packing them can be and loved seeing that part showcased along with the office and design work of the business.
After the show was over I immediately went to the site to see just what styles of jewelry would interest me and the front page had this beautiful Havana necklace I ...couldn't take my eyes off of it.
The price is great for the piece, but not in everyone's budget so I looked around more then went to bed.

Of course I couldn't stop thinking about the functionality of it and thought it was like 3 pieces in one and knew I wanted it.
I ordered it late Monday and it arrived here today. I paid for the extra fast shipping...a great option for those of us who are impatient for our pretties.
The shipping box was large enough to protect my newest treasure. And inside I found this beautiful packaging with positive encouraging words on the inner box... "you look absolutely gorgeous".

And when I opened up this inner box all I could say is wow.
This is my new Statement Signature piece.
 Worn both short with the sections removed and long, with a tee shirt and jeans or a collared dress shirt and slacks my new Havana necklace welcomed me to a new world of beautiful styling....thanks to Stella & Dot...and the Undercover Boss show.
Fashionably yours, Tessie

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