Monday, February 23, 2015

Thanks a Million... X 7

February 23, 2015
I had just finished posting my latest blog when I noticed the number on my visitor over 7 million.
When I started writing on this dot com page May of 2013, it was a welcoming change to all of the years of writings before on other sites.  This was my corner of the world, and here I could share all that I wanted without worry of the nonsense I had to endure previously.
December of that year, I had registered the first million visits. 
Crazy? Right...I know. I still scratch my head.
And each day you all came and checked out what I expressed through the keys adding another click on the counter of to speak. :)
Please know, I never take any of you who visit me for granted. 
For those who know, this is my place that I can lessen my sorrows.  My distraction of time. And while it cannot heal my broken heart pieces, it does make me smile to sometimes, maybe, make a difference in your lives.
Thank you all, dear have made a difference in mine.

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