Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pretty Purse Scentportables

August 31, 2013

Okay, so I am a girly girl.  You caught me.  But I can't help it.  Blame my parents.  I was their first daughter as well as their first child so they lavished me with dolls and dresses and pretty little purses as a child.

White patent Mary Jane shoes with a matching white patent little purse. Sold.  It couldn't hold much but it was my church purse and I loved it.

Now fast forward a hundred years, haha and I am Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Shimmer Foam review and a shopping tripill a purse fiend and these are sooo adorable I just had to share them.

They are scent portable holders yes....and they are calling them car visor clips.  I don't use them in the car for a few reasons.  First...any of the liquids....oils, wallflowers and scentportables may leak and when they do....they will ruin whatever they leak on. I have first hand experience with that; I stood a wallflower up on a dresser.... well, no more paint in that spot.  So tucking them into a visor may be good in theory, but in the heat of the summer...not so much.

My thoughts for these adorable little purses are: (and I know you know all of these)

  • bridal shower table decorations and take away gifts.  place settings for your girlfriends where you can tuck in a tag with their name on.  then you can wrap up in tulle a scented refill with a bow for them that they can chose one from a basket as they leave.
  • Even for a informal friends luncheon.  Placed around the table as a place setting....Who doesn't love a " I was thinking of you "  present.
  • little girls party table decorations.  I had mine in my hand in the store and my friends 5 year old granddaughter couldn't take her eyes off of them...which made me giggle....and then she did and asked me what I was doing with little girl purses.  they don't need to have a refill, they may just like to tuck little things into the front.
  • teens or tweens school locker
  • closet shelf  re-fresheners.  mine will be going into a closet on the shelf
  • hanger fresheners.  slip the purse strap over a hanger in your closet to re-freshen coats and things that get tucked away for long periods of time.
  • usually I put just the refill in my drawers to keep my bras and panties smelling great....these are perfect for the bra and panty drawer.  So Victorias Secret colors.
  • your buying a gift card for a friend....use this as a holder....
  • hang on the outside of a gift bag.....(a purse inside the gift bag wouldn't hurt either ;)
You get the run....and get some before I buy them all!!!

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