Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Shimmer Foam review and a shopping trip

August 31, 2013

I stopped in the malls Bath and Body Works store first before heading to Victorias Secret for their 7 for $26.00 panty raid and with a $10.00 gift coupon I was so ready. The B&BW store was bedecked with hanging leaves and plenty of tables full of candles and fall accessories and I started at the front looking for some sign of Halloween.  None.  I knew the main set up isn't out yet but I expected to see something.

The only thing in this store was the spider caddy at the register.

They did get in two haunted houses and one was already sold by the time I got there and mine was on the counter waiting for me.  I grabbed a few trinket items and another pumpkin cupcake mason jar candle and before I got a chance to checkout, a dear friend and her granddaughter came and joined me.  I took the time to help her shop the Buy 3 get 3 free sale that is going on now for Labor Day and helped her choose some great candles while they too were on sale 2 for $22.00

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Shimmer Mousse - Signature Collection - Bath & Body WorksWe tried the new Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin shimmer foam that I posted as new on line yesterday and I must say I LOVE that product.  Not the price.. $16.00 a can..but the product yes.  Our little five year old shopper was interested in seeing the shimmer so I grabbed the tester and pinched the top ( like a foam whipped cream nozzle) and a bunch came  Expect that if your trying it. And you only need a little as it is rich and creamy.  Not watery like lotion.

The cream is silky soft and feels heavenly going onto your skin and that small dollop was plenty for the three of us to try.  My hands and arms were so soft after using it, that I noticed it immediately. I could barely see any shimmer at all so if it was there, I couldn't notice it in the store lighting.  The scent was perfect, not too heavy and not unnoticeable.

I know that I can buy 6 cans and get them for $38.00 plus tax with a survey or coupon now making them just under $7.00  a can... but it would be nice to have an assortment of scents for something like that.  Not just SCP. Please BBW....make that foam cream a regular signature staple....its awesome.

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