Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Savings

May 31, 2014

For those who live in Florida I heard that there is something new going into affect relating to bad weather preparedness.

The governor there had issued something to help residents gather supplies they may need for bad weather...batteries, candles, generators ... things like that and for a limited time you would not need to pay sales tax.

My father lives in Florida and I wondered why he never mentioned that before and I came to find out it is something new.

Which is pretty awesome, really.  Save money where you can right?  So in my silliness I mentioned that I wondered if 3 wicks are included....They are candles.  I know...I know...they are thinking nice white save your life kind of candles...But it never hurts to ask.

Guess what?  Bath and Body does support that sales tax program and he told me that only candles under twenty bucks qualified and it's for something like one week only.  Today through June 8th. 

No one wants to deal with terribly bad weather and he has seen his share of it there.  But its a nice thing to be able to get something you like tax free once in a while.  Yay Florida!

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