Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Candle re-dos and re-dont's

I see the Forever Red items are starting to slowly show up again online in preparation for Valentines sales.  I am wondering if in store will have anything extra added to the line.  Online items available went from eight items to twelve, recently re-adding the home fragrance oil,  rollerball edt, rollerball edt/lip combo and lip gloss.  I am still hoping for a red Forever Red candle 3 wick....some day. 

Having picked up my travel sized mists for $10.00 last weekend on sale ($14.50 reg. priced)  and getting my free full sized mist with purchase yesterday, I am pretty well stocked up for now. 

I hope that everyone who loves that scent was able to get a free one.  I did post the "sale" info the night before as I try to do will all sales I find out about. So often it seems that's when I find out about things so check back in the evenings.   And most times when I post...... any day now.... it usually means, Tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow I will be getting not only my free FR mist talk about fast shipping.....but I will also be getting in the Lakeside test scent candles.  And let me say, I am very excited to see and smell those. 

I know with a lot of the test scents I'm presented with, I go in thinking that I am going to end up with a bunch of re-dos or do overs of scents past, re-stickered with that seasons theme....and that tends to cloud my judgement on whether or not I should buy all of give them a try.  A test scent line of ten products can become a bit pricy to try if your not sure you are going to like something.  Especially when they launch after the sale ends.  :)

Granted, that 100% happiness guarantee is in place to make sure that we like the product, but I just feel badly if I need to exchange something I didn't care for after I figured out it was a re-do of a scent....I didn't care for.

I love new scents....bring them on.  But I love the core scents as well....Fresh Balsam, Evergreen, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin to name a few.  The only thing I ever worry about with those is the wicks performance (no one likes a limp wick)  ha ha... and burning issues..... but I Know the scent base is true to my expectations when I buy it. 

So if your going to create a Summer themed Lakeside... Boardwalk.... whatever.....take a core named product that is loved....say,   suntan....   and keep its name.  Marshmallow fireside...  keep it.  Add it into your list of others.  Summertime conjures up beach like, warm weather like regardless of the themes name.....your cores scents fit.

Or if you prefer to change the names as the seasons about something like a bounce back scorecard with the candles names on it and if they are our Granted. what we like scent wise one day may change the next and you want us to have the opportunity to perhaps try something we may have scoffed at previously.... But knowing  sure would make testing, easier.

*steps off of her soap box......and awaits her Fed Ex truck with the ten test scents from the Lakeside line..  ;)

much love.

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