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Test Scents - Lakeside- pictures and thoughts~ a sniff and a burn

The torrential rains and high winds last night have completely cleared out all of the snow that has been covering the ground here for some time. All three snowmen, gone. Here in the depths of winter, I forget what the green grass looked like.

I welcome this reminder.  110 days until summer......

Perhaps the rains came last night as some sort of preparation for todays delivery of the newest test scent grouping of candles: Lakeside.

'Da boys of summer have arrived.

There are ten scents in this line and they are available in both the 4oz size and the 14.5oz size (3-wick).  I purchased the 4oz size as the 3 wick sale price had expired the night before and I really didn't want to spend $200.00 on 10 jars of wax I was unsure of. 

I made the name-scent list below as the Sales Associate rang me out and posted it a few days ago as a precursor of fun things to come and perhaps an inspiration should any one else want to call a test store and try them for themselves. The Sales Associate Molly gave me her thoughts and opinions on each and I put them in the {brackets}.

I will write my first impressions of the COLD smell of each as well as the candles color, and label pictures

You will notice the notes read off to me by the SA were pretty exact as posted on the jar.  Who knew high school shorthand would pay off.  ;)   

I will begin with what I expected of this line....I expected some redo's and I think there are.  But I expected with these awesome names some brightly colored inspiring labels and wax colors.  No one wants another summer line of white candles.  Okay, well at least I don't.

I think of summertime as that time of year when you can drag out all of those fun colors....bright colors...beachy colors things to remind you of the heat, less clothes and no snow.

Granted, they don't want to conflict with the tropics colors and trust me....these won't.  ha ha.  My first seeing these thoughts were..... um.....

Boathouse Row- the fragrance of a deep blue water surrounded by notes of moss, sage and bay leaves captures the essence of a lakeside adventure.  {cologne-esque feel}
candle color- hunter green

label picture-

bottom label-
my thoughts- a hunter green building with oars in varying lengths are pictured on this hunter green colored candle.  Definitely cologne scented....and wow.  This smells, to me like the cologne on a very sexy guy.  Stop does.  When I lifted the lid, my first impression was that of money...wealth, and sexiness....
I look forward to burning this to see how it throws and if its a headache giver.

  • Lakeside-  jump into an invigorating blend of fresh water, sheer musk and the  perfect pop of citrus  {light, fresh, kinda like Oceanside but a hint of citrus. clean like beach cabana}
  • candle color- creamy white

    label picture-

    bottom label-
    my thoughts- three young girls jumping off of a dock into the water is depicted on the picture of this creamy white colored candle...evoking thoughts of summer vacations at the lake. I love the color scale of the picture and would have liked to see the entire line in these hues even though they aren't bright and colorful.   I smell the pop of citrus...aka lemon...reminding me of how my hands smelled earlier today after I waxed my furniture.

  • Dockside- an airy crisp blend of fresh water, citrus zests and aqua flowers captures the fragrance of being dockside at a summer lake.  {cologne-esque- reminder of paris daydream or sparkling icicles--fresh, clean,  feel heavier in citrus,}
  • candle color- light tan

    label picture-

    bottom label-
    my thoughts- boats tethered to a dock with a view of the summer house and chairs are depicted in the picture. Touches of red distract you.  Probably because the candles color is odd matching the slats of the dock itself.   Definite redo.  I agree with Molly it smells like a paris/sparkling with a tweek.  I will burn it, but I won't like it.

  • Strawberry Picnic- a blend of red, ripe strawberries, wild raspberries, and sweet butter cream frosting celebrates the very best part of a picnic by the lake.  {strawberry and cream feel, fresh strawberries and not overly sweet}
  • candle color- creamy white

    label picture-

    bottom label-
    my thoughts-a clear glass of water holds a bunch of a strawberry plant in this picture for this creamy white candle.  The picture could have been done better....strawberries are not harvested like flower least none that I have seen....I would have rather seen them photographed sliced on a vanilla buttercream iced cupcake on a plate in the picnic basket.
     I love the smell of the candle at first sniff.  Buttercream is definite ...strawberry buttercream with a hint if any raspberry.  Quite yummy smelling and one I look forward to rebuying and burning.

  • Mahogany Teakwood- the luxurious scent of fine woods-mahogany, cedarwood and oak are enlightened by a delicate lavender and geranium notes {tan color, repackaged}
  • candle color- medium rust

    label picture-

    bottom label-
    my thoughts-  sweet heavens where does summertime come in with this candle?  I see the label depicts a boat, redwood colored...okay, I get it... but this is another very manly scented candle.  I smell the wisp of lavender muting down the cedar.  I don't smell geranium. And the color of the candle is a diluted cedar....  The wick on this one is skimpy to say the least.  I will burn it....and decide if its a re-buy.

  • Campfire Cookout- gather round the smokey scent of mesquite, woodchips, clove and a
  • crackling fire.  {very smokey, a lot like fireside, but void of sandalwood can smell the clove}
  • candle color- that ugly grey color - ash-  like the winter night

    label picture-

    bottom label-
    my thoughts- the picture on the label is of two boats pulled onto the beach at nighttime for a impromptu picnic. The table is set with lanterns and luminaries and you can almost hear the waves over the crackle of the fire.  I guess they were going for a grey scale reminiscent of the ash of a fire when they picked this candles color.  I am not a big fan of black or grey candles....a personal choice perhaps, so that alone would make me pass up this candle without lifting the lid.  It is definitely smoky scented, like wood from a fire burning and someone tossed in a handful of cloves.  ha ha.  At first smell without noticing the labels name it smelled mediciney to me....then I realized it was the cloves.  I look forward to burning it to see how it translates with heat.
  • Watermelon Lemonade- quench your thirst for long summer days with this refreshing mixture of watermelon ice, sparking water and freshly squeezed meyer lemons.  {awesome,  cool, melony, and tart. pink color}
    candle color- medium pink color, fun

  • label picture-

    bottom label-
  • my thoughts-a mason jar glass filled up with water and a chunk of light pink colored watermelon is the picture on this pink colored candle.  I was anxiously awaiting this candle.  It first reminded me of candy..a watermelon candy or that taste of a well known but I don't want to say ice cream companies Italian icey.  Watermelon is one of those scents that seems to be a problem to accurately nail candle wise.  We are told its watermelon so we tell ourselves that is what we smell.....then they douse it in some sort of citrus and call it ade....Smelling this cold, the watermelon scent is subtle and fleeting, followed up with the lemonade.  I look forward to burning this as I want to see how the two scents are going to separate and come together.  It is also sooooo much better than this springs melon.

  • Forest Trail- explore the lakeside woods with an aromatic blend of redwood trees, cedar leaves eucalyptus and a hint of wild berries  {pine like feel, woodsy and evergreen}
  • candle color- muddy green color

    label picture-

    bottom label-
    my thoughts-two Adirondack chairs facing a blue watered lake with tall pine trees in the background is the label picture on this muted down green colored candle.  On this small of a label at first glance without my glasses on, I made myself laugh when I thought the coffee mug, that I now see, on the arm of one of the chairs was a.... ahem... roll of toilet paper.  Hey, its a 4oz candle, the label is small and I didn't have on my glasses.  :)  I love nature and have been in the woods and smelled this scent.  I really do like this scent as it does not remind me of a Christmas candle....but a clean pine like candle.  I look forward to burning it and if it is good, rebuying it.
  • Summertime Smores- all the sweetness of summers best treat is captured in this blend of roasted marshmallow, crackling campfire and rich creamy vanilla.  {smells a lot like marshmallow fireside a bit more smokey a bit more chocolatey}

  • candle color- one shade up from the ash grey color more brown in it

    label picture-

    bottom label-
    my thoughts- the yellow, orange red of a fire and pieces of wood is in the forefront of hands with thin sticks roasting marshmallows.  A definite re-do and one we would expect for a summertime / fall themed candle.  Again, not a big fan of the grey- taupe like coloring of the candle....but I smell the wood smoke, vanilla and a hint of the chocolate.  I have always thought of the smokey scents as masculine and I would definitely include this as one.
  • Wildflower Valley- a fragrant bouquet of poppies, meadow grass and a fresh air reminiscent of a field of wildflowers by the lake.   {kind of floral like southern magnolia, light floral, clean}

  • candle color- creamy white

    label picture-

    bottom label-
    my thoughts- the hills are alive...with the sound of music...wait that is a musical....but that is what I thought of when I first saw this blurred out photo of a valley of wildflowers.  At least the candle is white.   Smells like a redo to me....and I will figure out which one as soon as that dang summertime smores leaves my nose palliate.  Very floral.  I didn't get my southern magnolia yet to compare it to what Molly said but it is one of their better done florals as far as I am thinking.  I like my flower scents to hit the mark without the extra end scents so many of theirs do.  I look forward to burning this and if it doesn't make me more.
    I find the more they are sitting here on my desk, the more I could find applications for them for my summertime use.  I think the hardest thing to overcome is the thought of bright and associating it with everything summer.  Upon closer look, docks are washed out, fires grey, and forests green.  I am still not getting the mahogany teakwood....but okay....whatever....  :)

    Overall, I like this line....and think all but wildflower valley, strawberry picnic and watermelon lemonade are scents I could give my brother to burn.
    He likes candles that aren't as he puts it...lady like.   

    Each one of these have their own appealing qualities that make them at least worth a sniff and a burn. Even if they are re-dos this time at a lake. I will blog again as soon as I start burning them.
    much love.

    I purchased these at: 
    White Barn Easton Town Center in Columbus OH  (614-475-0196) phone order.

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