Sunday, February 24, 2013

Candle sale--- 3 wicks 2 for $22.00 ??

I am wondering when we see the end of the 2/$22 in store only sale tonight, will we see a online candle sale?  I am thinking yes, but you never know.  If you missed out getting the candles you wanted in store, check the online site the next few days as it may appear there now for the release of Fresh Picked items.

I am hoping that fresh picked launches online tomorrow as well as in store.  There are a few items I wanted that they absolutely refused to sell to me in store today.  Talk about an ignorant sales woman.....who knows me on a first named basis...asked me when she saw me wandering around ....what was I looking for.  When I said the Wildberriees handsoap to go along with the others I wanted, she looked straight ahead, and said, "don't see it, must not exist."...and walked away.  No let me go check in the back...or even the favorite...we can't sell it until tomorrow. Come back then. 

Wouldn't it just be easier to sell me what I want?  When I want it....?  I mean is a swat team going to break down the doors 12 hours before you launch the item because someone sold me a bottle of the wildberries hand soap?  Ha Ha.  That behavior and lying in the stores is beyond silly....but if you want the products, I guess you must put up with it.  And we do because we want that extra little bit of savings when we use the coupons and surveys....

But some days, boy, that survey isn't enough to put up with ignorance.