Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Q & A

Just a quick blog to answer a few questions I had received this past week.

Regarding my leaving BlogSpot rumors.

  • No, I have no intentions on closing this blog down contrary to what you may have been told. I have closed it off to public view for a time due to harassment but those issues have since been taken care of.
Regarding other BBW Insiders pages found on the web

  • Yes, I have begun working on building other web sites on weebly dot com,  and web dot com and a few others still in progress, but I will continue to post here and on blog dot com all of the information I hear about.  I have had a lot of traffic from other countries lately and some requests to offer my postings in other languages so I found and added the language button here on BlogSpot.  I didn't know it was there....sorry.  :) but I am glad it helps.
Regarding YouTube Videos.

  • Yes, I do like the YouTube Videos that I make mention of and link on my page.  I do have a YouTube account and have posted things prior but nothing BBW related. Right now I don't plan on doing any BBW videos. I leave that to the experts of all things BBW -two of my favs--- littleballadeer and touchthefiretwice.

Regarding watermarking photographs.

  • I understand completely when you post something on the internet for the public you are opening it up to Everyone.  Be it your words, or the pictures that you took, if it is out there, it is out there.  Forever.  I have been watermarking my photographs for more than ten years now, most times using the information on the camera shot itself (metadata) and other times by just adding my name in the lower right corner. For those that have been published in newspapers and such, I protect in an unseen manner.
  • For those in this blog I have decided on a case by case basis on which of my photos to watermark that is seen and which is layered.  When I get a picture of something new and unseen you may see it watermarked .  I have made an effort to make my marks smaller as to not dilute the actual pictures and some are not marked at all.  Again, it is a personal choice depending on the photo.  From my first postings to this blog I have had not only my writings used in other places but my pictures as well.... and was told when I complained..."anything out in public is fair game"..... 
  • That only applies to me of course when someone takes my work.  My showing the white barn Christmas candle (last November), and a frog pocketbac holder (this January) shown on a public FB fan page Un-watermarked by the person who posted it, and not watermarked by me nor claimed to be mine, just shown in a blog posting as ---here is what is new....has caused me grief.  Not because I didn't ask to use it, or use the posters name in the blog,  because if I did they still would have complained as they are friends of another blogger who has made in clear in no uncertain terms I am hated.  And as luck had it, I posted it first making it worse.

Regarding opening up the comment section.
  • On this blog site I plan to leave the comments closed and answer anything I can in an open forum or via email if one is provided.  The other sites currently do have comment sections and they will be open for interaction.

Regarding my Facebook Page.

  • My personal named Facebook page is reserved to my family and friends, people that I know in person. I have received numerous friend requests from other fragrance fans for facebook and I have not accepted any.  It is nothing against those asking, so thank you for your request.  There are a lot of fake askers with no picture and with ten different id names changing out one or two letters trying to be added for all of the wrong reasons.
  • I don't have my "members" section open on this blog.  I have this open to the public so any one who wants to come and read my thoughts is welcome to, no strings attached.

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