Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fresh Picked -candle jar style

The official start to spring on the calendar is March 20th, seven weeks away.  Our resident groundhog predicted this year we are in for an early spring.

Apparently, Punxsutawney Phil is anxious for his summertime candles too.

Currently, it is snowing.

My reorder of the Lakeside candles arrived today with only one (wildflower valley) smashed and in need of replacement. I am currently trying out the Forest Trail burn in my office. 

Review:  After a few minutes, the burn is perfect and the throw .....strong.  Perhaps too strong for this small room but the fragrance did work its way downstairs and smelled pleasant. The wicks are standing tall and doing what they are suppose to. Burning.

This warmed burn scent definitely reminds me of the typical Christmas scented candles offered....pine & woodsy.  A bit different than the way it smelled cold.   Also a bit disappointing as I was hoping for something different and fresh. 

And it's not a bad scent that I need to return.....it's just very typical woodsy and one that has a place in candle burning enjoyment just not summer time burning as implied with a summer time candle line.
I will buy more.

I think my next candle to try is Wildflower Valley.....

I did get my Fresh Picked Line of candles some time ago in the 3 wick size with the exception of the melon which is an odd smell...and will be starting to burn these to see if I like them.   

There is now a 6 ounce version out for $12.50 available in four scents:

Pineapple Mango
Market Peach
Garden Bouquet

Each jar is taller and more narrow than previous 7.5 ounce candles and are designed with a lid to make it look like a canning jar.  (pic to follow).  The price of these candles is a bit cost prohibited but if you go for design over the amount of wax you are getting for the money you will like it.  I do.

Note: the 4 ounce jars are still $5.00 should you want to try any of the new scents before you commit to a 3 wick.  There are ten new Lakeside Collection candles available and seven Taste of Italy Collection candles available in the 4 ounce jar.

I know a lot of people don't like the smaller jars, again they aren't cost effective when compared to the bigger candle jars.

I think we are all just spoiled with the burn of the 3 wicks...when they burn correctly.  But a cluster of the smaller candles across a dinner table does make a statement of their own so I like to have both. 

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