Friday, February 22, 2013

Fresh Picked PEAR no.7 candle review

Fresh Picked Pear no.7
bath and body works scented candle

notes---The subtly sweet scent of pear becomes even more enticing when blended with fresh spring greens and a touch of vanilla.

candle color---medium warm green colored wax

wicks--- thick strong wicks

burn---burned perfectly, wax pool formed quickly stayed consistent

throw---burning this last night in my office the throw was just okay....not so strong as I needed to extinguish it, but enough to smell it somewhat.  When walking through the house I didn't smell it everywhere.  After burning it for some time, the wicks started to get that smokey smell  with the mushroom tops so I extinguished the candle.  This morning the room and the upstairs smelled nice.  Very Subtle.

cold scent--- when smelling this cold, I definitely could tell it is intended to be Pear.  It does have a sharpness, a crispness to it like a hyped up version of what a pear would smell like if you cut into it.

burning scent--- the scent changes of course, it's more muted and I can barely detect any vanilla in it as it's burning.

LBD asked me if this is anything like last falls White Barn Brandied Pear.....and to me it's not.

brandied pear cold, had a sweet and caramelized brandy scent as soon as you lifted the lid.  it felt like a cold weather, fall time scent. And brandied pear filled the air with scent when burning, it has a warmth to it....that carried upstairs.

Pear no. 7 Fresh Picked is much more subtle....for me it's the kind of candle where you lift the lid in the store and say yep...that's a pear.....and you can burn it in a room and not be overwhelmed with it....(until the wicks get smokey)  ....

I purchased two...and I am on burn number two with the one from last night hoping for something...more.  I will enjoy these, but I doubt I will rebuy anymore in this scent.