Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fresh Picked 6oz. jar style Size matters

The fed ex man just brought me my latest installment of candles and one of them was the PINEAPPLE MANGO fresh picked 6 oz sized.

I am posting photos of it as a comparison to how this jar differs from the 4oz style and the 14.5 oz 3 wick version..  Not only with a screw on lid made to look like a canning jar....very cute.... but the bottom is also a bit tapered. Not really worth that extra cost,  wax to cost ratio wise, unless you want it for its cuteness factor. And then maybe at a cost of no more than $6.00 each.  Being I got it from the White Barn candle store in Ohio, I would not know of the sales there as it cost me $12.50......hopefully these will be part of the launch display in a few weeks as they would make wonderful gifts tucked inside a basket.

I save fruit jars....the del monte brand when I am done eating the fruit, and I wash them and keep them to hold the flowers from my gardens. They make lovely spur of the moment vases for outdoor and indoor well as,  A lot of times people ask me for bouquets and it is so much easier giving them away, mostly to strangers, having a cute labeled jar rather than one of my good vases or newspapers.

Seeing this new sized jar candle made me think of my collection of fruit jars.  It may be the sort of look they were going for.  A bit more colorful of a label and they would have a perfect candle.


purchased at the Easton Town Center White Barn candle store