Sunday, February 3, 2013

Video Bloggers Behind the Curtain

Anyone who writes a blog knows that to be successful with your writings, you must do so with as much information as you possibly can inform others as you yourself would want to be informed.  It's not that it's a hard job per say; a bit time consuming, yes....sure....but worth it when you can put to words those things you find out about a product or company you like and not keep it to yourself.

But anyone who does a video blog?  That my friends, is a huge challenge.  You become an entertainer of sorts in the presentation of not only the items you are talking about, but in yourself and how others will perceive you. 

My sharing words and photos on a screen to be read is dimensionally limiting of course. Sure, I can tell you the notes of a candle and show you a picture of it to help you envision it.  With the help of video bloggers, we all can get that peek behind the curtain so to speak of just what the items are like in person.

I truly appreciate the time and effort made by those who post on Youtube.

I really enjoyed watching this video tonight and I wanted to share the link to his page.
This review is done on the new test scents collection LAKESIDE

Touch the Fire Twice


Some of my favorite You Tube Bloggers most recent shares:


Touch The Fire Twice

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