Saturday, February 16, 2013

New White Citrus for men and Wild Peach Poppy

I was speaking with my favorite stores manager today about what is new out already and what is coming and she ran in the back to get a few new things for me to see and smell.  We spoke about how in our very cold area the new paradise and spring candles are not selling.  People keep coming in asking for winter scents. 

Truth be told I am ready for the fall and winter 2013 test scents candles.  ;)  I am over Lakeside and the Italian line....unless they get the burn corrected on the dolce, villa bergamot and cannoli.

And we spoke of it being odd that we have paradise themes, with sweetheart themed, and fresh picked and wild garden coming.  Then I told her about the new Beautiful Day sneaking out online in a preview.  She laughed and told me she will need to ask me what's new, rather than the other way around.

The First new thing was---she had a taupey grey brown colored wood look candle pedestal holder that is coming out with a new tag....that great old BBW favorite of the rising sun.....and a price tag of $19.50.  It has a shiny top recessed area where the candle will rest that looks exactly like a lid, with the logo Bath and Body Works.  I love the reflective nature of that top compared to my white ceramic pedestals.  I am not a big fan of that price as it isn't real wood.... just resin....but I am sure I can use a survey to get it down.

The next thing I saw was the new Wild Garden Peach Poppy lotion.  At first smell, they all smell the same to me. Maybe my nose is getting burned out with all of these new releases......I don't know but there was nothing remarkable about this scent.  I will need to try it out on my skin to see how it reacts with me.  They aren't allowed to sell it yet or I would have had it today, and I was also told that BBW is keeping a tight lid on things for them (SA's and mgrs.) as well as there is no new store book, yet.

The bottle design is nothing fancy, some red and orange poppies. I didn't ask to take a pic because I don't want anyone getting in trouble.....  It will be released soon enough so I can wait and I was told there is no small try me version coming out.  And there will definitely be only two scents releasing in this Wild Garden line .

The next product was the White Citrus for men and thankfully it is not like the womens version and smelled very manly to me. I found the label to be nice, and appealing..... green background.....This was not a try me bottle so I didn't want to dip  my finger into it but I will definitely be getting that when it also releases in a week or so. 

So today I got the true blue shower smoothie raspberry scented and two mango body butters....and used the coupon offered with the code bringing it to twenty dollars.  Then I got 6 of the new scents of scentportable refills (pinecone, golden vanilla, vanilla coconut, island margarita)....a fresh linen HF spray....(love), 5 more pocketbacs,  a free sign travel JCB shower gel and 2- 4oz spring scented candles and used a survey to bring that down to twenty as well.

A decent amount of things for there not being new out....Now to go try my new smoothie.....