Monday, February 4, 2013

What's left to come out

January 4th I posted this list of new things coming as shown in "the book"  I thought I would take a moment to double check to see what is out for sale and what has not yet come out. I heard the next book is coming soon and I look forward to seeing what else BBW has up their sleeves.

The only thing bad about knowing ahead of time is waiting for it.....and when they finally  show up...waiting for the next new thing.

It seems the majority of things are out and we are just waiting for the true blue raspberry line items and the fresh picked group even though some stores do have a few of the products already.

Hand soap:  both deep cleansing and foaming
  • coconut cove
  • apples
  • strawberry
  • tangerine
  • (new scent) first bloom
  • pear
  • Hand Soap for st. patricks Day 
Hand Soap: Passport to paradise selection-

  • aloha orchid- feb.
  • berry angria
  • mango paradise- feb.
  • coconut grove
  • island breeze
  • ocean sunset
Hand Soap: Fresh Picked selection-

  • pear
  • strawberry
  • tangerine
  • apples
  • first bloom

Home Accessories:

  • White ceramic pedestals
  • white ceramic bird house with bird

sweetheart bow clutch--black glitter handbag
bows cell phone case
valentine over the top gift set
heart box filled with products gift set
photo cosmetic top


  • mini candle sleeve with pink flamingo on
  • flowers that match wallflower units
  • coral reef mini
  • coral reef 3 wick

Wallflowers Refills:

  • will be decorated with sleeves in different patterns and some being BIRDS!!!!!


  • turtle
  • Tipped Flowers  - blue with silver on edges was shown
  • shell


Triple Body oil Mist
  • in top selling scents

  • sweet pea
  • JCB
  • summer escape
  • sugar lemon fizz
  • tangerine
  • strawberry
  • apples
  • aloha orchid-feb.
  • mango paradise-feb.
  • unscented

  • grey elephant side view (opening at ear)
  • cocktail glass

NURISHING hand cream:

  • pink chiffon
  • warm vanilla sugar
  • white citrus
  • JCB
  • sweet pea
HOME ROOM SPRAYS:  with bird labels
  • island margarita
  • tiki beach
  • peach belini
  • bahama fizz
  • beach cabanna

For saint patricks day themed----
  1. luck to the irish
  2. love
  3. kiss me i'm irish
Fresh Picked themed---
  1. pear
  2. strawberry
  3. tangerine
  4. apples
  5. first bloom
Passport to Paradise themed--
  1.  aloha orchid- feb.
  2. berry sangria
  3. mango paradise- feb.
  4. coconut grove
  5. island breeze
  6. ocean sunset

Pocketbac holders:

  • skunk......OMG adorable
  • monkey wearing glasses.....fabulous
TRUE BLUE SPA Raspberry  (soft pink and blue tube colored)

  • yougart shower
  • margarita body scrub
  • mojito cream gel
TRUE BLUE SPA Mango also returning


signature collection--
  • daisy dream girl
  • honey sweet heart
exotic fruits collection-
  • exotic kiwi
  • pink guava
  • blood orange
  • acai berry


Honey sweet heart - honeyed violets sprinkled with pink sugar

Star Daisy Dream Girl - sparkles with clementine to bring out your inner starlet

Berry Flirt- voluptuous red berries flirt with blonde woods to make you swoon

Bottles are adorable.....traditional bottles plus a dress form shaped bottle

Honey is done is shades of pink and neon green
Star is done in shades of pinks and purples
Berry is done in shades of pink

will come in these:
  • lotion
  • shower gel
  • scrub
  • custom shimmer
  • tmc
  • lip
  • ffm
  • travel sized

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