Thursday, February 21, 2013

Will 2 for $20.00 candles ever be again?

The probability of us ever seeing another candle sale 2 for $20. is done.  It seems that the 2 for $22. is now going to be the standard.....sadly.

You will hear it from her when she does her next video haul I am sure, but LBD and I were talking and she has heard that it is set in stone pretty much.

Buying one here or two there isn't tragic, I know....heck, I just ordered the pear and lilac blossoms fresh picked candles and paid the full price for them...because I wanted them and knew there would be some sort of sale coming to get my receipt adjusted....and if I couldn't get an what, I would still enjoy them...or return them.

But when you are buying them by the dozens or ahem...hundreds, those extra two dollars start adding up.
Slight, I know...

3 for 20.00  (2 for 20 sale buying 3--$30.00--and using a 10 off of 30 survey)  = $6.67 per candle
3 for 23.00  (2 for 22 sale buying 3--$33.00-- and using a 10 off of 30 survey) = $7.67 per candle

Don't get me wrong... I love a sale price and I am grateful for sales and surveys and mystery coupons....bring them on and I will spend!  And under $8.00 for a candle that smells awesome and performs perfectly is good.

Just know that those extra bucks per candle translates to an extra three bucks per survey coupon purchase of three candles.....and it just lessens how much I can spend overall.