Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Today's Sale- FR $10 mist and 3 wick candles, of course

I see the Travel Size Forever Red is Now online on sale today as are the 3 wick candles for $22.00 for 2.

The bottle shape and size of the Forever Red Travel size is not as streamlined as what we are accustomed to but I think it was designed that way to make it more special than any other signature product.  It certainly does not get lost in my purse. 

And this candle sale is luring me to get a few more of my favorites.......

Yesterday when the FedEx man pulled up to deliver my order my husband yelled to me that I was getting a package.  He asked what did I buy now and I replied, "what do you think?"

He laughed and said...."candles of course"