Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Kringle Candle Company 4.24.13

I Love Fragrance. 

Who among us doesn't right?  It is part of our daily lives....and one of our greatest senses that we depend on for everything. 

To reflect the mood of our daily personality in fragrance, to finding comfort within our homes,  we seek out those things that showcase us and appeal to us....scent-tually.

And walk into any store and you will find products to entice you to try them based on your sense of smell and the marketing chosen.

I write a lot of blogs and if your reading me you know I speak a lot about marketing.  I want the product to look great on the well as perform perfectly.  And personally,  I find that I am
drawn to those that make that extra effort in pleasing their customers. 

There are numerous companies that make candles....we all know that.  Finding what you love in a candle company is sometimes hit or miss...we know that too.  That's where social media helps. 

I laugh sometimes when I sit at night and read all of the updates as they come in from the various pages to my home page.  How on earth did we ever get along without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? 

Sure there are magazines that offer us a glimpse into something a company is going to offer us....but we want the info NOW.  We want to know what our friends are doing, what they are liking and not liking....and we want what they want.  And they speak of their experience.  If a candle has a great smell, they will tell you....and stock up.  And if it is not will know that too.

So, you find something and give it a try.

We have our favorites as well.  Those companies that we entrust our hard earned dollars on products that we hope we will love...regardless of past performances.  And we may see other brands and not know too much about them and hesitate to try the unknown.

Monday I read on the Kringle Candle Companies facebook page that they were looking for bloggers to review some of their products.

I responded to them and early this morning, my favorite big brown truck surprised me with what I can only say was a very generous offering of products from their candle lines.

And all I could think was how did I ever miss out on trying this brand?

Let me begin by saying this.  My reviews and opinions will be done honestly as they always are.  They will not be based on having received these products as a gift. 

Granted, my liking a certain scent over another is based on what my personal likes and dislikes are and of course what I may love...another may not.

I will always share as much information I can about a product so you too can make an informed decision if you want to try it.

Should you want to try it for yourself, feel free to use this code   KringleReview63  to get free shipping for your online order.  I know just with cold smelling a few of these I am going to be placing an order. 

I have already been trying out a few products and I will be writing out my thoughts and findings in the next few blogs.

Below is a quick peek at some of their products....

Happy scenting....and much love.


Kringle Candle Company website

Kringle Candle Company on Facebook