Tuesday, April 30, 2013

White Barn Candle test: White Barn Summer 4.30.13

I got great news in an email sent to me from our favorite video blogger, Littleballadeer... there is a new candle coming out in test stores and it's called White Barn Summer.

I laughed when I read this because not even a few days ago I called the test stores and asked if they are getting anything new in.... remember I wrote about it?   And they said nothing new is coming until fall tests.  I know they only know what they are told...and I hate to call them a lot asking them things...but I guess if I don't I may not get new things to try.

Goodness....info is tight coming out anymore. I am also wondering if it is not so much a test as an early release...since I have the wallflower already of the same name.

Well, I heard that there is a summer-time scents group coming out in Wallflowers so I should have guessed it may also match candles too.  I have been so engrossed in trying out the new Kringle candle company candles they sent me along with the 13 I ordered on my own I never gave more bbw tests for summer-time another thought.

I was able to get the W/B Summer wallflower this weekend and I have been keeping it plugged in a bedroom....testing it out...then unplugging it when I am burning candles.  I like it so far...but it is also familiar to me.

So I guess now I need to try out one of these new w/b summer candles....  Didn't I also just write summer is around the corner?  Who Knew.  Haha

White Barn Summer - Enjoy the bright scent of a long, sunny Summer day with this blend of water blossoms, mint leaves and a hint of eucalyptus.

label- green field with a little house in the back and trees

I have two... COMING NEXT WEEK!!!
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