Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kringle Candle Company Review: Fresh Baked Bread melt & burner

When I was a child growing up, one of my most fondest memories was that of visiting with my grandmother.  Her house was a typical nana house where the chairs seemed to be bigger than me, there seemed to be nic-nacs scattered on every possible surface and the smell of homemade foods filled the air. 

One of her favorite things to do was to make homemade bread.  Not in any new fangled (as she would call it) gadget....hers were made the old fashioned way....kneading and covering...rising and punching down....  And it didn't matter what she cooked with it; all we wanted was the bread and the stick of butter to rub over it.

As an adult I find I am reminded often of my grandmother when visiting the bakery or a store with an in house bakery.  You know that scent of fresh baking bread with your eyes closed as it wafts through the store finding you.  It is one of those scents that gets connected to a memory and reminds us of comfort and warmth.

My review today is for the

Kringle Candle Company Fresh Baked Bread wax potpourri melt

Wax Potpourri Melt Individual


Width:2 inches
Height:1 inches
Weight:0.08 lbs

About the Wax Potpourri Melt

New Kringle Wax Potpourri Melts are very easy to use and ultra-fragrant! Mix pieces of Wax Potpourri Melts from different fragrances to create unique aromatic blends.

Step 1. Remove Wax Potpourri cap and pop Melt out of container. Step 2. Break Melt into pieces and place in top bowl of your warmer. Step 3. Light a tea light in base of warmer. The scented wax above will melt and fill the room with fragrance.

These melts can be used in either a electric candle wax warmer or a tea light warmer.  The Kringle Candle Company provided me with one of their  warmers to try their potpourri melts and I did my test with both their warmer with one of their tea light candles as well as with my Yankee candle electric warmer.

This warmer is a three piece unit.  A base, screened side panel that snaps into place and the metal bowl at the top.  Blends in beautifully with my décor.  While I am sure the screened in area is safe, I choose to burn anything in another container to avoid accidents.  Also please note, the bowl of the unit gets very hot....(yes of course I touched it )   :)  so I would keep this away from pets and children while in use.


As you can see in comparison to their tea light candle, the wax potpourri melt is much bigger and is divided for ease in breaking apart and in combining scents.  In a note it was suggested I combine the fresh bread with the rosemary melt also included.  I will write about that next.

I put one piece in each of the burners and began the test at 8:19am.   In a matter of moments both wax cubes melted.  I added one more piece to each.

I found the tea light candle burned so perfectly, no flickering.

The tea light candle is atop of my living room television (2.5 story home) and the electric warmer is in the kitchen on the counter.

I wanted to see how long it would take to reach the upstairs and how strong it was.

In less than an hour, the tea light candle had the fragrance all the way up the stairs and to the bedrooms.  The kitchen warmer is not as good.  The scent was in the room but barely.  Definitely not the melts issue as this smelled beautifully cold, and the other warmer is releasing the scent perfectly.

Last night I made beef stew and my husband stopped off at the bakery to get fresh bread for dinner.  Burning this melt is the exact scent as was released when we opened up that breads paper wrapper.  This scent is not fake smelling, nor plastic like. 

It is still melting in both units and I will come back and update this blog when the tealight burns out.

This for me is a definite rebuy.  Currently I don't see it on the site but I will personally buy the daylight candle to see if the scent changes once a wick is used....

And I think this is a perfect candle to burn when guests are coming for a visit or for dinner.

Its scent is comforting and natural and isn't that what we want....  Our guests to feel welcomed like we did at our grandmothers?

Happy Scenting... and much love.

update:  tea light candle burned exactly 5 hours

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