Monday, April 22, 2013

Delivery of happiness ~ Mothers Day Milan VIP Tote photo 4.22.13

I was outside this morning enjoying the beautiful weather while raking up the remnants of last fall on this Earth Day when I saw it coming. 

You know it

That big brown square truck.  The brown truck that brings us all of our favorite things in those small brown boxes.  The driver so busy he barely looks at you as he hands you your treasure beeping his machine and jumping back into the brown truck for the next delivery of happiness.  And like a child at Christmas you run into the house looking for a pair of scissors to pierce the tape that stands between you..... and your ..... stuff.

Okay, maybe not you....but I run.

And todays treasure was my Bath and Body Works Mothers Day VIP tote that I ordered last week.  It would have been here sooner but there are no deliveries on the weekends....  I guess even the brown truck man needs a day off.

I ordered the matching cosmetic set of 3 bags with travel products and a nail file as my "items to purchase" and I LOVE them.  They are so cute and pink trimmed and covered to keep them clean and the perfect companions to the wristlet I got to match the tote.

I opened my tote and pulled out the baggie of stuff inside and right away saw that the Rome Honeysuckle shower gel was not online shipping sealed and it leaked over everything.  Not a huge problem as it is soap...not poop ..... haha...but it's messy.... so I took the time and wiped everything down and continued on the examination. 

The Sicilian orange home room spray smells great. I hope they bring out an entire Italy spray line.

Then I checked out the tote.

Granted, this is not an expensive tote you will abuse....this is a take away from a purchase with purchase so I wouldn't expect a Dooney bag...but it is a nice bag.

The construction of mine on the inside lining has a flaw....a missed seam being sewn and of course its on the bottom where all of the small things I would put in it will end up sneaking past and hiding under the lining.  Not a huge deal for yourself but check yours out if your giving them as a gift.

The fabric on the outside is a sparkly fabric that reminds me a bit of a muslin with a bit of an open weave to it.  The handles are your typical tote bag cotton handles and are riveted into the top as a accent detail.  Each handle has a piece of brown vinyl as a hand grip--- that is also the bottom piece fabric of the footed bag. It's not tough like leather, but with careful use should endure.

It does zipper fully across the top of the tote and there is one open pocket inside. 

A cute tote that you will actually use and not just toss out and keep the inside goodies.  And one that will be available in stores around May 10th and newly released today, online for sale.

And really, there are some nice goodies inside.  If you think about it...the forever red TMC alone is worth $ ....The mesh poof, travel sizes in two of the new Italy lotions, a full sized Rome FFM , Shower gel and lotion make this pretty hard to not even give it a glance.

And you know you will go into BBW now during this Journey to Italy and easily find a bunch of things to make your forty dollar its not even a matter of... I don't need anything....  (we all probably don't need anything) so what will I buy?

With Mothers Day sneaking up on us....and Spring finally springing....Bath and Body Works has made it easy for me to grab a few little things for myself as well as finding great gifts for others.

Their little deliveries of happiness.

poofy photo P4220315.jpg

 photo P4220308.jpg

my bucket had a hole in it photo P4220311.jpg