Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Italian release (test store ) 4.15.13

I cannot wait for all of the stores to have their   Journey to Italy   full out launch so everyone could see how adorable everything looks when set up.  The store in my area turned out to be a test store and after last nights floor set it looks great.  I was literally on sensory overload trying to see all that was new.....and there was a lot! 

I bet I missed seeing half of it; I was like a kid let loose in a Toys are Us with moms credit card and no supervision.......  literally scooting from one place to another hoping mom wouldn't find me.  :)

Table after table there was something else new to see, and feel, and smell.....and the only sense missing was taste....   What, no cannolis?   Ha ha....

There was no room for cannolis....

The store was scented with limoncello from the three wick candle that was burning and I was enveloped in an incredible shopping experience I didn't want to leave. 

The full signature line was set up at the front entrance and it was loaded with products from lip glosses to travel sizes.....shimmer sprays and bronzing fizz too. I will show you how the fizz looks in the next writing.

There were wallflower displays, and candle displays with those scroll holders.... and accessories galore.  I do love me some zippered cosmetic and travel bags.  There was some that were gift sets with pocketbacs hanging from them and some wrapped up as well.

Capri Seaside Citrus/ Sicilian Lemon Let's Go to Italy Power Bundle - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body WorksBella Flora Let's Go to Italy Gift Set - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body WorksTuscan Vineyard/ Dolce Berry Let's Go to Italy Power Bundle - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body Works

There was a HUGE and I mean huge ULTIMATE Gift Basket filled with special italian themed products including an apron and cosmetic bags only for this item.  Trust me, if I had an extra $200.00 and another hand....that bad boy was coming home with me.

This store was decked out with items in every price range and there is no way you cannot find a gift for someone else, or yourself.  They went all out for Mother's Day.

I purchased for $14.50 the Sparkling Limoncello Limited edition Italian Collection hand soap with nourishing olive oil.  15.5 oz.  I know its pricey....but it so reminded me of an olive oil bottle at first glance without my glasses I knew I should get at least one for the kitchen sink. With glasses on it is reminiscent of a limoncello drink bottle.

I got the three piece cosmetic bag set for $14.50.  Each one has on it a different photo of something Italy and black striped on the back and whether I decide to break it up into gifts or keep them for myself they are cute. 

I found a cute travel get away canvas bag and product set for $21.50 and inside there were three travel products from the Venice Dolce Berry line and a lip gloss named Berry Bellini.  I haven't opened it yet to smell or taste it.....I may gift it for mothers day to a sister.

I grabbed a bunch of travel sprays in the three bella scents....perfectly sized to add to the try me lotions that came out a bit ago and perfect to have around for gifting.

I had to get more of the full sized fine fragrance mists and a shimmer as well. and lip glosses...

There are also clear bags and yellow ribbons in the store if you need to make up a gift.

As I remember more things I saw I will update this writing...but for now I must say Ciao....  I have a bit of Italy to explore....

Rome Honeysuckle Amore Bronze shimmer Fizz review:

I sprayed a small amount out of the can and onto my hand and it began immediately fizzing and expanding in size.  Then the bubbles began to pop and tingle... almost reminding me of that kids candy treat pop rocks. I began rubbing it into my hand and there is a lot of shimmer/glimmers/ in this.  On a small area like my hand it seemed like too much....but perhaps on your legs it would be just right.  The manager in the store told me that is what this is intended for and I reminded her of my worries of transference.... from my arms or legs to the car seats and clothes.  Tomorrow in the daylight I will test that out better.

The scent is subtle and nice  and the product didn't seem to dry out my hand at all.

I am fair skinned and I saw some color with one application.  I am sure it would get gradually darker with more applications but this is a bronzer not a self tanner so as much as you would put on is the result you would get.

Tomorrow I will try it out on a moisturized leg as well as one not moisturized to see how that affects the outcome.

It washed off of my hand easily enough, which makes me worry again about the summer heat and sweating and how it will look.  I went to a wedding with a friend who used temporary bronzer on her arms and the wedding hall was soooo hot......her arms were sweating and the product streaked all over her and her clothes.

This product does NOT contain SPF of any kind in it ...but most people know about the dangers of the sun now to always apply SPF before going outdoors.....this is a great topper to your regular routine.