Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kringle Candle Company Review: Rosemary wax potpourri melt 4.25.13

When I finished enjoying the fresh baked bread this morning, I added a piece of the Rosemary melt to it as suggested. 

Smelling the Rosemary melt cold in the packaging I got the impression of it smelling herb like.  I grow Rosemary and I love that smell....and I find sometimes it is hard to replicate in candles and oils.

When I broke the piece off of the block immediately I thought it smelled like, Pine Sol to me.  That was my first impression.  I am not a big fan of Pine Sol cleaner and I really don't use it as it gives me a headache.

This melt was very strong, and in no time that fragrance filtered to the upstairs. 

When I ordered my 13 melts and day lights today I noticed there were a lot more herb scents that I plan to try.... especially the basil.

I plan to reburn more of this melt by itself without any other melts to see how I like it.  Right now, it is not one of my favorites.  I will update this blog on my next burn.

Happy scenting, and much love.

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RosemaryWax Potpourri MeltIndividual


Width:2 inches
Height:1 inches
Weight:0.08 lbs

About the Wax Potpourri Melt

New Kringle Wax Potpourri Melts are very easy to use and ultra-fragrant! Mix pieces of Wax Potpourri Melts from different fragrances to create unique aromatic blends. 
Step 1. Remove Wax Potpourri cap and pop Melt out of container. Step 2. Break Melt into pieces and place in top bowl of your warmer. Step 3. Light a tea light in base of warmer. The scented wax above will melt and fill the room with fragrance. 

About our Rosemary fragrance

Possessing a strong and almost antiseptic sweet pine fragrance, Rosemary is instantly identifiable.

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