Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mothers Day Tote Code

This really is an exclusive and found by dumb luck by me.  Okay, not so much dumb luck but by a love of a product and an interest in it that I kind of knew what to look for.  So I looked. And the code is not out there yet, no sources...not from customer emails as it is a bit early for it.

And before I said anything yesterday I wanted to be sure it worked.  And it did and my order is on its way to me now. Great shipping lately with Bath and Body Works, I must say.

I know most people will go to the store for the event in May to get their bag and buy their $40.00 worth of things to get it for an additional $20.00 and then use a survey to save another ten bucks.  That is a great deal and one I may even participate in if I make it to the store.  Sometimes work weeks are 6 days here.

But for anyone who doesn't go to the store and who would like to get the tote a wee bit earlier delivered to them I will share the code to do so. SPRINGVIP13

I am sure a few who read yesterdays blog thought this girl must be nuts buying a tote bag that will be $20.00 in three weeks for the online price of $119.00.  Um, no of course I didn't.  I grabbed a few goodies making up a $40.00 order and when I added the code it brought it down to $20.00. 

Now you must realize with this online offer, there is no flat rate of $5.99 shipping.  It is a flat rate of $7.99 and no other codes can be is stated in the offer of the tote.  And hopefully people will share this code....quietly....   :)  so it doesn't get changed... it still is working now.

So the choice is yours.  Go to the store and get your $40.00 worth of goodies and hopefully there will be enough bags to go around..... or place an online order....grab those same goodies.... and pay 8.00 for shipping and have it for sure delivered.  I will post pictures of mine when it arrives.

Happy shopping......