Saturday, April 13, 2013

Having a Beautiful Day 4.13.13



Bath and Body Works Have a Beautiful Day.....

I showed up to my stores event curious as to what they would be doing.  I did have some background info provided to me yesterday by this stores co manager, but you know how it want to feel and see as well.  Marketing girl here.

I was greeted immediately upon entering and was shown the display of items they had for BD.  I do have the ritual as well as a few of those spray mini's that came out early.....and I find this scent does turn on me and not in a good kind of way.  When a SA agrees you need to wash it off, you wash it off.  :)  So I thought I would just look around more to see what was new and then come back to the display later.

The only thing I found new was a key chain....other than seeing the new summer guide and some stuff from the back room...(next posting) I grabbed the new keychain as my trophy and got a free FFM mist for the day. 

While talking to the manager, she reminded me that not all shower gels smell the same as the lotions and FFM's so maybe I wanted to smell the BD shower gel again, that I could possibly like that without it turning.  I do have it, I just never tried it.  I thought I would gift the ritual if I didn't exchange it...and if I didn't I could always use the shower gel for hand wash or even to clean my toilet.

I looked over the superfruit, shimmer and swirled lotion and decided with buy 2 get 1 free, I could get those...add them to my collection of BD things and make up some great gifts.  Then I got my event coupon.....and I was able to get a FREE EDT in Beautiful Day with any $25.00 purchase. 
Amazing....and so generous of the company.

So for $29.68 I paid for the superfruit and swirl lotion and got an EDT and the shimmer free!

How could I not, have a beautiful day?