Saturday, April 27, 2013

New-Ness 4.27.13

After a glorious day spent outside in the beauty of the world on this sunny, warm day I made a visit to my favorite BBW store.  A store I just found out is becoming a test store.... Yay!

And with a new floor set not happening.....ugh....until  May 13th that means there is not too much new-ness out yet.

With a few exceptions:

  • A new Wallflower bulb giving us a sneak peek of what's coming----  White Barn SUMMER

  • A new Forever Red Luminous body soufflee  5.5oz   $26.50

  • A new pocketbac coral reef  (hand soap coming) 
  • A new pocketbac island bamboo ( hand soap coming)

I will plug in the Summer wallflower to get the scent and update this blog in a bit.  As well as try out the new Pocketbacs.

Now let me share a few words about the body soufflee.  Expensive. Yes.  But I added a few things to make the $30.00 and used a survey to bring down the price.

Soft and rich feeling?  You bet.  Better than the TMC cream.  Non greasy and very silky on the skin.  It gives your skin a pearl-essence glow to it....not glimmer or shimmer....more pearlized.

The scent is light and lovely and the red glass jar is beautiful and HEAVY.  When this is empty you could leave it on a dresser to hold earrings and other jewelry things.  It measures 3.75" x 3.75" square and is just about 2.5" high.