Friday, April 19, 2013

Don't Forget--- Coupons

Well, for most stores the Journey to Italy has begun and with it comes a shopping experience of untold happiness.  Since most stores are now handing out the new Pure Paradise bounceback coupons you may have forgotten about all of the coupons available and that can be used.  Check out what you want to purchase and be sure to match up your best sales to a coupon to give you more for your money.

For example...

If I plan to buy something in store---Here are a few current money savers.

If I am planning on buying $30.00 worth and I have at least three of the Italy colored bouncebacks (as shown below) I will use them first....and get either a lotion or shower gel for free.  On a 30.00 purchase with three of those coupons I am walking out of the store with at least $33.00 or more worth of stuff.

If I am planning on only spending ten dollars....  I will use the free FFM coupon (in the middle) and get a new Italy FFM.....along with what ever I picked out for ten dollars.

And If I don't have a Italy bounceback and just want to get $30.00 worth of stuff for 20.00 without using up my survey coupons.... I will use the top coupon.

The two printable coupons expire on April 21, 2013 so You may want to use them first......

Much love and happy shopping.....

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