Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hydra Glass lip gloss new 4.18.13

This is the gloss I mentioned I saw this past weekend in the store, not yet available for sale.  It looked great and I look forward to trying it in the store when it comes out....probably tonight with the Italy floor set.  And hopefully the glosses will either be on sale for $5.00 or buy two get one free.  I noticed on my receipt that I was charged the $8.00 for each of my new Italian line glosses....($24.00 total plus tax)  and customer service said they reserve the right to charge full price on a new release and/or if quantities are low.  I reserve the right too.... to return them.   :)  With every lip gloss being on sale in the store I shopped at for $5.00, and my asking at the register was everything coming up on sale....{even a buy2get1}  and being told yes, when they weren't....?  Not very cool.....

Hydra Glass Lip Gloss - LipLicious - Bath & Body Works

Dazzle and shine with our delicious and illuminating gloss infused with sugar-spun vanilla. Our moisturizing formula delivers high-shine with a matte finish. An everyday lip essential!

  • Sheer formula tints lips a shimmery petal pink shade
  • Moisture rich, high gloss formula delivers a creamy berry flavor
  • $8.00