Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kringle Candle Company Review: Peony 2 wick 4.24.13

To begin reviewing the Kringle Candle Companies candles I feel I must first tell you what was sent to me and how.

I received a box like you would get any product.

And when I opened it up I was met with some really great packaging materials.  It is no fun ordering candles or anything glass and finding inside the shards.  No one wants to call customer service.  We want to get our items in pristine condition and mine arrived perfectly.

There was the crate material atop of the items, which were surrounded with other crated pieces and plenty of packing peanuts. 

There was an invoice /packing slip enclosed with all of the items clearly listed as well as a colorful pamphlet to Discover the Kringle Candle Company.

Did you know that all of the Kringle Candles are handcrafted in the USA in Bernardston, Massachusetts?  I didn't.

They are also made solely white in color as to blend with all decorating settings.  That is interesting.  As a person who loves candles, I find I am interested in candles with colors that match their names and scents and I incorporate them into my decorating that way.

I tend to expect to see an orange candle with the name Pumpkin on it.  I suppose another one of those marketing choices I have been given over and over again that has become the norm.

According to the literature, one of the benefits of white wax is the candles glow more brightly and release the maximum amount of light.  Another benefit is they tend to burn cleaner with no conventional dyes to clog the wick.  An  interesting fact I look forward to seeing for myself.

Now for a review.

I received a 2 wick Kringle PEONY scent fragrant crystal pillar candle.  Here is a bit of information about it.

My candle:



  • Scent cold:  a very soft floral scent. 
  • Scent lit: This candle was very surprising.  I am accustomed to three wick candles and think that you need three wicks to get a great scent throw. I lit this candle and in a matter of a few minutes I could smell it throughout the downstairs.  I burn my jar candles in a tall glass cylinder for safety and that in no way inhibited this candles burn or throw.  In no time, this scent was throughout my entire house upstairs as well as downstairs. It has a strong scent lit.
  • initial burn time: I burned this for two hours total.  I will update this blog each time I burn the candle to get you a total time this lasted as well as how strong it stayed throughout its duration.
  • the wicks burned perfectly straight in the jar and are thin in size.  The wax pooled perfectly as you can see in the pictures. No tunneling occurred during the burn and as the candle cooled when extinguished the wax stayed white in color.
  • labeling/marketing: the label is white, trimmed with a silver and a black border. a pink peony flower and the name in script. The bottom label has simple instructions and a name along with the companies website.  The candle lid is silver metal with a round sticker label.
  • the peony scent is a beautiful spring scent and very reminiscent to the actual flower.  My neighbor grows peonies and I can smell their scent wafting in my kitchen windows when they bloom.  After the candle was extinguished now for 3 hours, I went downstairs and the sweet floral scent is still in the rooms.  And while it was burning and my husband came home and smelled it, he remarked how beautiful the house smelled.  That, alone is saying something since he is not a candle guy.
  • 14 oz.   55 hr
  • rebuy or deny:  I would definitely rebuy this candle.
If you would like to try this or any other candle, feel free to use code:  KringleReview63 to get free shipping on any dollar amount purchased.
I am going to try a different candle tonight...and will write it up tomorrow...
Happy scenting and much love...
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