Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An app for that?

In getting ready to make up Mother's Day gift baskets as well as Spring cleaning and organizing I wrote that I took a head count of my signature body care the other day.  Not the lip glosses mind you...that is just futile.  There are bunches brand new in the labeled clear shoe box on the closet shelf and a small zippered case with my current in use glosses.

And for my lip glosses, candles, and hand soaps aren't really the thing I keep track of so much as to needing a list.  I have hundreds of well as hundreds of hand soaps.  I go to the shelf, and grab one for the mood I am feeling....   As they come out for sale, I buy them in the quantities I will use and need.

But I found with the body care I forget a lot of what I have with having so much so I took a journal page and jotted down what I have in backup....{Not including my everyday already opened and using stash.}


I suggested to BBW that they get an app that we can use to shop with as well as organize our collections.  Dragging out green printed paper every time in the store is sooooo not cool. 

This app should be as easy as scanning our receipt .....the way we do it for the rewards..... thus creating an inventory. 

We know that is what they are using that app for anyway.... monitoring our spending why not let us have some kind of access to that, right?   It's already out there... now fine tune it for us die-hard shoppers.

It would take me forever to log how much BBW things I have....body care aside.  Everything from the home products  to gifting...BBW fills my needs....

now I have one more they need to help me with......

So I can say..... ya,  there's an app .... for that.