Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bath & Body Works | New Arrivals

April 2, 2015
 I was able to find out what the new Signature Scent is going to be for May.  As shown here, it will be called
Tahiti Island Dream
I have no information on the scent notes yet as this isn't suppose to be even known until Monday the 13th but as soon as I hear I will post them.
This packaging is so pretty, I am looking forward to seeing these in person.
I had no idea as to what it was going to be.  Someone posted on social media places saying an old design from last year- Seaside Escape- was going to be this Mays new scent and the designer had slipped it out.  The label on the TMC gave it away as it wasn't happening.

These are one of the designs of the scent portables I shared earlier this week.  I decided to get them today so I can have four before they sell out when they launch.  They are too cute.
B&BW is going to offer us Beautiful Pink Ribbon for our gift bag needs for Mother's Day.  Loving this.
This new wallflower birdcage is very pretty and very delicate.

The upcoming body lotions were actually ringing up at the sale price today.

The new hand soaps are filtering into the back rooms getting ready to wow us.  I did smell all of them today and they are awesome. Especially the Buttercream and the Watermelon Lemonade.
And tomorrow all of the others in store currently are on a flash sale of $3.00 a bottle.  Or actually $2.00 after the 10 off of $30 coupon with a ten bottle purchase.


And the shea and fruit body scrub is also wonderful.  Priced at $14.50

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