Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Southern Charm Collection | Fine Fragrance Mist | Love & Sunshine $7.00 sale

April 8, 2015
Today's Bath and Body Works email sales offered almost all Love and Sunshine products sale priced at $7.00. The only exclusions were the 3 wick candle and the bubble bath.  Not really needing anything I did opt to grab two body scrubs to help push my one order to $30 to use a survey coupon.
Part of that order contained a few candle sleeves in a finish I really just noticed and liked.  I have a ton of sleeves...most have never been used and just sit on a shelf reminding me of a impulse purchase.  But these two sleeves I liked because of the galvanized washboard finish and the thoughts of paring it with my grandmothers watering can.
I can remember her having this can as long as forever.  She lived into her late 90's and it was something she used in her gardens before going into a nursing home.  When she passed, my mother used it in the same gardens and when she became mine.
It has a small hole in it and its age rusted but I could never part with it.  I put a flower pot inside of it and grow daisies that spill over the sides (or silk flowers) and I thought that watering can....a few terracotta flower pots....nana's old washboard....and these candle sleeves will make a nice table scape for my spring and summer décor.
I added the new candle in the beautiful day scent for its beautiful green colored wax and galvanized look doily lid.
In a few days the new Southern Sweet Collection will be set but I wanted to share some photos of the Fin Fragrance Mist bottles. These have been online for a few days now if you can't wait.

 I mentioned the cute tags I saw online, that are going to be available next week to finish off the cello gift bags for Mother's Day gifting.

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