Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bath & Body Works | Test Candle Collections | Seaside Summer | Perfect Getaway | April 13th 2015

April 14, 2015
Yesterday, Bath and Body Works stores released their anticipated newest spring fragrances; The Southern Sweet Signature Fragrance Collection.
Beneath beautiful pink magnolia trees greeting us at the door, we were shown four new, spring inspired scents.  And in select, test stores, those who shopped for those  found a wonderful surprise...a release of two new test candle collections.
Titled for now, Seaside Summer and The Perfect Getaway, these are most likely re-dos of our favorite summer-time scents and the previous destination collections.
Photos, shared on Instagram so far, gave us our first looks into the design of the labels of the new, possibly to come out in the next month or two.  The May Signature Fragrance is slated as Tahiti Island Dream and we are to see a tote bag titled Spring Getaway Tote, so my assuming that we will see one if not both of these new candle collections release then...and possibly into June for SAS.
I am always grateful for the looks into the test stores collections they offer since there are only about a dozen left currently that we know of that are testing.  In the next month or so, they too will change and we will be starting all over again in figuring out who will have what.  But luckily, White Barn Candle stores will also have some new collections too so we won't be completely out of the loop. And as more people venture into their stores and find new, social media will once more let us know where to look.
Where I once called around to get all of the information I could about potential new candles coming....and got it, I have since stopped.  The stores are not so forthcoming anymore because of notification from the corporate office about telling customers ANY information and especially bloggers.  (yes, they did specify bloggers...I saw the note).
So as I find out my own information and photos of things I will share...and as others share via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook... I will compile that information to have a complete resource here as well.
My thanks to all who share what they find in their corners of the world making this a wonderful little wax community.
Here are a few of the new candles:
Seaside Summer Collection
Beach Cabana-
Beach Grass-
like a stroll on the dunes at sunrise-dewy greens, palmetto grass, and sweet white freesia.
Coral Seashell-
a juicy blend of summer peach nectar, plum and orange that's as exquisite as a rare beach treasure.
Coastal Sun-
a beacon of beautiful fragrance for your home in a blend of sea glass, sea foam and  hint of sparkling sand.

Nantucket Sail-
sail way with a blend of ocean washed driftwood, sea air and refreshing grapefruit.

Summer Boardwalk-
like memories of the best summer spent at the beach - caramel-glazed popcorn, warm taffy-apples an salted sweet cream
Summer Bonfires-

Perfect Getaway Collection
Amsterdam- tulips and windmills -
 the delightful scent of fresh cut flowers, sweet lilac, pink freesia and tulips layered with cooling greens
Bangkok- golden temples and spice -
go on a getaway to exotic Bangkok with a fusion of fresh shaved cinnamon bark, and jasmine transformed by a touch of warm amber.
Barcelona- mandarins and mosaics -
luscious mandarin oranges and fresh peach blend with yuzu flower and vanilla in celebration of a city filled with colorful and magical mosaic patterns.

Bora Bora- bungalows and beaches -
the lush fragrance of mono blossoms, Tahitian vanilla and tropical flower petals takes you to remote white sand beaches. Let's run away to paradise.
Hawaii- aloha passion flower -
go on a dream vacation instantly with the fragrance of Hawaiian passion flower, watery pear and casaba melon

Istanbul- sparkling amber -
fragrant treasures from this exotic city's grand bazaar, alluring amber, velvety peach and lush frangipani petals transport you.

 Italy- espresso café -
London- tea and lemon -
Los Angeles- palm trees and sunshine -
escape to the west coast with a blend of green palm tree leaves, aloe and bright sunny days
New York- black tie -
Paris- French daydream -
evokes a sweet memory of a light romantic Paris rain, a fresh combination of watery muguet, delicate freesia and citrus infused with sandalwood

(photo credit @ _fromvictoria on instagram)

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